kid pranked kid pranked When pranks go right, everyone wins. (Photo: YouTube screenshots)

5 times parents hilariously embarrassed their kids on video

Sit back and watch as parents spoil their children's chances at stardom, independence and ... home-grown doughnuts?

Sometimes, you just want to be alone. Just you, a camera and ... your 50,000 YouTube followers.

But ... what's that? Someone was lurking behind you the whole time, mimicking your every move? And that someone was ... your father?

Yes, youth of the world, some parents do live to embarrass their kids. Your totally innocent attempts to be a normal person might just be thwarted by your well-meaning but hopelessly awkward family, so we suggest you scan the room carefully before pressing the record button in the future.

But in the meantime, we invite you to check out these hilarious clips we compiled of parents who won at life simply by embarrassing their kids.

Kid thinks he's in trouble, Mom sweetens the deal

Surely this boy thought he was about to have the worst birthday ever. Mom Marja Baker of Long Beach, Calif., tells son Ja'Myron she found a package in the mail addressed to the newly minted 8-year-old and proceeds to accuse him of "ordering something off the internet, off the TV." Ja'Myron, looking legitimately frightened, denies it, until the two tear open the package to find ... the iPod Touch he wanted, with a sweet handwritten note attached. The sweet spot is undoubtedly watching his face turn from pure terror to unadulterated joy.

Girl wants to Nae Nae, Dad wants the spotlight

You're in the laundry room, and you suddenly feel like recording yourself as you dance to your favorite song. But unbeknownst to you, Dad has decided to live out his secret celebrity fantasy at your expense – and 46 MILLION Facebook views later, it's Dad that everyone's talking about, not you! Benny Bar-Zohar, a fashion importer in Yavneh, Israel, is now getting major "cool dad" props for posting this lighthearted video of his daughter, Lior, doing her best "Whip/Nae Nae" (she's certainly got the stanky leg part down!) as he tiptoes through the same dance behind her. Kudos to the camera-holder for not giving up Dad's secret!

Kids think doughnuts grow in the garden, parents buy real doughnuts

Sometimes the best pranks are the ones where the kids don't even care that they're being pranked ... because their mouths are stuffed with treats. These adorably clueless kids from the San Francisco Bay area think they've just bought doughnut seeds from the store and can now grow their own doughnuts in their backyard garden. After a day of waiting, the kiddos are rightfully confused when the "seeds" remain unchanged. But hark! Another morning goes by, and what's that? It's a miracle of agriculture! And when all is said and done, everyone wins ... because doughnuts!

Parents crash teen's dance, teen screams in horror

Remember your first school dance? Remember hovering over the punch bowl, with a face that says "OVER IT" but we all know you're secretly hoping and praying some boy asks you to dance? Remember finally getting that dance – and you realize you don't actually know how? And neither does the boy who asked you? Remember how you both laughed and made the best of it?

And then, remember when Mom and Dad showed up and ruined everything?

No? Well, freshman Beth Bagley of Salt Lake City, Utah, did, and thanks to YouTube – where her shrieks of terror at the sight of her parents sneaking up on her were viewed almost 500,000 times – she'll be able to relive it whenever she wants.

Kids think it's ice cream, it's really mashed potatoes

"WHAT in the NAME is going on?!?!" At least one of the kids in this silly prank video evidently has some trust issues now. But in the end, these cuties prove that ice cream makes everything better – even after adults lied to them and made them eat mashed potatoes disguised as ice cream. The reactions are priceless. And don't worry – they got real ice cream afterward.


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5 times parents hilariously embarrassed their kids on video
Sit back and watch as parents spoil their children's chances at stardom, independence and ... home-grown doughnuts?