klingon tech firm klingon tech firm Know a little Klingon and have a passion for programming? That unique combo could land you a job with the tech firm Zooz. (Photo: Sandy Huffaker /Getty Images)

Wanted: Tech firm seeks programmers fluent in Klingon

If words like 'bo'Degh', 'Sor', 'nagh' and 'maS' make any sense to you, there could be a career for you at Zooz.

Are you a web programmer fluent in coding languages like Java and HTML5, as well as the fictional language of Klingon as popularized in the "Star Trek" franchise? If yes, and you happen to also need a job, the tech firm Zooz would like to extend to you a very joyous "yI'el!" (or welcome! in Klingon).

The Israeli startup has taken the unusual path of filling 100 job openings by advertising them in the Klingon language. This creative recruitment campaign is not only designed to attract attention, but also top talent. A recent survey ranked Silicon Valley, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Tel Aviv as the top 5 best startup ecosystems in the world. That distinction is great for emerging ideas, but presents an extremely competitive recruitment market for firms seeking experienced programmers. Advertising in Klingon is just one way to add a bit of playful distinction among competitors.

While one might easily assume that every "Star Trek" fan under the sun could potentially have a shot at landing a career at Zooz, the reality is that very few people in the world have a grasp of Klingon. Arika Okrent, author of "In the Land of Invented Languages," estimates that only a few thousand people know "a little Klingon," with even fewer people able to read and write it. “Klingon is a type of puzzle that appeals to a type of person,” she writes.

Fortunately, even knowing a little can go a long way toward landing a look from Zooz. The company's Klingon postings take prospective candidates to a website where the questions focus not on the intricacies of the alien tongue, but the nitty gritty of computer programming. Answer the questions correctly, and you'll not only potentially score a job interview, but also a free T-shirt with your name in Klingon.

Did we just hear you say "majQa' ghot 'oH awesome!" (Oh man, that's awesome!)? Good luck! Struggling, but eager to learn? Let Michael Dorn, who played a Klingon on "Star Trek: The Next Generation," help you in your journey.



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Wanted: Tech firm seeks programmers fluent in Klingon
If words like 'bo'Degh', 'Sor', 'nagh' and 'maS' make any sense to you, there could be a career in your future at Zooz.