Tattoo artists are some of the most interest people to follow on social media. Tattoo artists are some of the most interest people to follow on social media. Tattoo artists are some of the most interesting people to follow on social media. (Photo: IvanRiver/Shutterstock)

5 tattoo artists to follow on Instagram

These creative artists' unusual designs will change how you think about tattoos.

Whether you're covered in tattoos or just like the temporary kind, there's no denying the artistic glory and weirdness of using skin as a canvas. With the Israel Tattoo Convention going on in the Medietrranean coastal city of Tel Aviv this week, body art seems to be on everyone's mind. Even if you don't want any tattoos, there's no harm in checking out other people's, right? Here's some of our favorite tattoo artists on Instagram to follow.

Ami James

This Israeli-American tattoo artist runs tattoo shops around the world. The most famous of these is probably Love Hate Tattoos, where reality show "Miami Ink" is filmed. James was also a co-founder of Tattoodo, a website that features tattoo-related art, design and inspiration. He got his first tattoo when he was 14 ... which he did himself.

"i just kind of poked around with a needle and thread," James remembered in an interview. Now that's hardcore.

Kaiyu Huang

It's not all about the well-established artists. Chinese-American artist Kaiyu Huang is still in college, at New York's Parsons School of Design, but he's already attracting attention. This artist is into minimalism, and he creates clean, geometric designs a world away from the heavily detailed sleeves that seem to have become so popular.

His Instagram has less of a rock 'n roll attitude, and more of a sweet one – he once posted a picture of himself as a child with his mom, writing "Thanks for giving birth and love to me Mama." Aw.


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Ever seen a Peter Paul Rubens painting? This 16th-century Flemish artist liked to paint voluptuous women, reminding us that society's current fascination with super skinny models is a fad, not a basic piece of human nature.

And maybe it's starting to change; French tattoo-artist Bouits, who hails from a country that recently banned underweight models, is reinventing the Rubens painting with her tattoos of curvy women. Her chunky, line-based art feels very modern, and her designs would be perfectly at home in an art museum.

Kat Von D

This American tattoo artist is actually named Katherine von Drachenberg, but she decided to go with a name that sounded less 18th-century vampire and more 21st century cool: Kat Von D.

With 5.1 million followers on Instagram, she must be doing something right. Maybe it's all about diversification: In addition to tattooing, she writes books and runs a cosmetics line. You might have seen her on TV in "Miami Ink" and "LA Ink," because she was on both, that busy woman. Which brings up the question: how does she find the time to eat vegan? Does she just makes simple vegan meals?

Paco Dietz

California tattoo artist Paco Dietz has been called a biomechanical tattoo artist, one who draws artistic versions of muscle and other tissues on skin.

Unlike traditional tattoos, which typically look like pictures that happen to be using the body as a canvas, Dietz's tattoos are really integrated into the body, fantastically reimagining what it looks like on the inside. He creates amazing dreamscapes based on the human body that are completely fascinating.


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5 tattoo artists to follow on Instagram
From Israeli-American tattoo artist Ami James to Kat Von D, these creative artists' unusual designs will change how you think about tattoos.