Living room Living room The living room area in Lior Danzig's home is a treasure trove of do-it-yourself inspiration. The only "new" item in this area is the plant! (All photos: Lior Danzig)

Salvaged decor adds rustic charm to renovated home

Israeli interior designer Lior Danzig took an old space and made it her own with DIY projects, restored antiques and secondhand furniture.

With a penchant for DIY projects and an eye for salvaged items, one interior designer is showing homeowners how to take new spaces and fill them with history.

It may not be filled with modern appliances and chic furniture, but one thing is for certain: Lior Danzig's home stands out. It's full of character. 

A simple walk through and you can imagine where everything came from — the library that old chair could have belonged in, the fancy lamp that reminds you of your grandmother, the coffee table that used to be a chest (and who knows what mysteries were kept inside!) — it all makes for a much more interesting home tour. So we'll give you just that:

Salvaged decofrSalvaged items are found throughout the house, adding a rustic feel to the place.

A walk through the front door of her home, 30 miles north of Tel Aviv, Israel, reveals a wide space filled with natural light. 

Studio-style windows and whitewashed walls are complemented by the aged but endearing pieces of furniture, like the baby blue sofa that, believe or not, used to be a queen-size bed frame. It was no easy feat — Danzig says it required cutting the headboard in half and reconnecting it to the foot board, calling in reinforcements from her brother Sharon (an industrial designer). 

"We had a funny morning together," she recalls, "and before noon I had the sofa done." 

It's no surprise that this upcycled sofa is Danzig's most prized DIY project. What could have been a run-of-the-mill IKEA futon turned into a unique piece that will be forever paired with a fond memory.

Children's room The children's bedroom is a shared space with ingenious secondhand storage ideas.

Naturally, the decorative must also be functional, as Danzig's home is filled with family — not just her husband and two daughters, but her parents as well. Making the most of a shared space, Danzig has incorporated many ingenious storage ideas, like the whimsical old-fashioned lockers in her daughters' room.

Bathroom spaceFor a bathroom short on space, Lior uses a shelving unit for the vanity.

Even the smallest of rooms in Danzig's house are filled with inspiration. Danzig's bathroom is a reminder of how to take advantage of a small space, with simple decorations leaving the confined area feeling much more open.

Salvaged shelfing unit and antique washerThe bathroom features a salvaged shelving unit (left). Lior's favorite piece (right) is an antique washing machine.

Old objects find new purpose in Danzig's home. In her bathroom, an old set of shelves replaces a traditional vanity, adding extra space for storage and decor. 

But perhaps the most intriguing thrift find is Danzig's favorite — an old wooden manual washing machine, which she says is from the late 19th century. Now it acts as both a conversation starter and a place to showcase fruits and veggies. 

With our tour completed, some of you may officially be motivated to redecorate your own home. Danzig has a word of advice:

"Never buy anything new," Danzig says. "As simple as that. Go fish. Look around you. Search the markets, the internet... make it an adventure. Any old furniture might easily get renewed and become an awesome piece in your living room or kitchen."


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