Bus, sweet bus: This certainly isn't your grandparents' RV. (Photos by Lior Danzig}

Retired city bus converted into tiny living space

Two women with creative imaginations transform a junked bus into a unique mobile home.

Fans of tiny homes will get a kick out of this clever bus conversion spearheaded by two enterprising Israeli women.

On a mission to create an attractive and affordable alternative means of housing, psychotherapist Tally Saul and ecological pond-water treatment specialist Hagit Morevski salvaged a decommissioned city bus from a local scrapyard and transformed it into a tricked-out micro-dwelling-on-wheels that boasts all the comforts of home, including flush toilets, air conditioning and modern decor.

BusConversion5Not your average fixer-upper home.

An audacious example of adaptive reuse, the duo’s stylish bus-to-home conversion project truly goes to show that when you set your mind to it, you can transform just about anything into a smart and stylish living space - in this instance, a living space that resembles the love child of a classic Airstream trailer and a shipping-container home.

It's not surprising, then, that Saul and Morevski were inspired by the global cargotecture movement, in which old shipping containers are repurposed into habitable spaces.

BusConversion1 A bus that's for living, not commuting.

BusConversion2 The finest in bus-turned-tiny-house boudoirs.

After gutting the interior of the retired bus, Saul and Morevski recruited a friend, designer Vered Sofer Droriwent, to assist them in packing as much comfort and functionality as possible into the shell of the nearly 40-foot-long metro bus.

Up front, you’ll find an open living/dining area complete with cheery orange booth seating and a well-equipped galley kitchen with the usual appliances and ample countertop and cabinet space. Take a step toward the middle of the bus, and you’ll find a spacious wardrobe and separate bathroom complete with a not-too-cramped-looking shower and decent-sized sink. In the rear of the bus is a cozy bedroom-lounge with a large daybed that doubles as a couch for when you have company over to watch movies - “Speed," perhaps.

Really, all that seems to be missing from this unique living arrangement are window dressings and a record player to blast “The Partridge Family Album.”

BusConversion3 This ingenious retired bus pad even has a shower.

BusConversion4 The old steering wheel maintains authenticity.

While details on the overall price of the conversion (including the cost of the old bus) and nuts and bolts about utility hook-ups, electricity, etc. are unknown, Saul and Morevski reportedly took on the project with the intention to sell the dramatically made-over bus for $300,000.


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Retired city bus converted into tiny living space
A bus gets a second life in Israel, where two women with a flair for the creative transformed it into a unique mobile home.