A small child mesmerized by the newest LEGO set. A small child mesmerized by the newest LEGO set. Pley allows adults to rent Legos and other toys for children. (Photo: Matthew Lloyd/Getty Images)

Rent Legos and other toys, Netflix-style, with new service

Many parents are finding out that Pley is affordable and good for the environment.

Admit it, you're dreading the possibility of having to buy the child in your life the hot new Lego set of the holiday season. You know he or she will obsess over it for a few days (weeks, if you're lucky) only to discard it to the corner of the playroom. What a waste of money, and what a way to not be environmentally friendly, you're thinking.

Well, a company named Pley has taken your concerns to heart. The California-based startup rents more than 300 different Lego sets for a fee as low as $20 a month. Billed as the "Netflix for Toys," it was started by Israeli-born Ranan Lachman, who got the idea after watching his son repeatedly discard new Lego sets in favor of newer ones.

This little guy ponders "The Force" after completing a Star Wars Lego set.This little guy ponders 'The Force' after completing a 'Star Wars' Lego set. (Photo: Pley)

Lachman decided his son's Legos would be better put to use in the homes of others, so he decided to launch a business from his garage. From renting out his son's Lego sets, the business soon took off. Pley now has more than 75,000 customers.

"After a couple of hours building a new Lego set, the kids are done with it and just want the next set. They rarely play with it again," Lachman recently told Global Toy News. "I think there is a better way to deliver the educational aspects of toys without paying too much and adding plastic to landfills."

Just like with Netflix, there's no limit to how long you can keep the toys. When you do decide to return them, new ones arrive in the mail within three days.

Of course, there is always the possibility that the child becomes infatuated with the Lego set, in which case Pley gives you the option to buy it straight from the manufacturer. In fact, Lachman has found that's exactly what many people use the site for, as a sort of trial run.

"On Pley, you can get a toy, see if your child likes it and then purchase it with a single click. That's a much smarter way to consume toys," he said.


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