fruit bat fruit bat Nora Lifschitz holds an injured Egyptian fruit bat. (Photo: Reuters)

Real-life Batgirl is a superhero to animals

This woman turned her home into a shelter for bats.

With Batman v. Superman on the cinematic horizon, it's easy to think of superheroes as muscular men or women (don't forget Wonder Woman) who fight other muscleheads. But Nora Lifschitz, a 28-year-old living in Tel Aviv, Israel, is far more of a bat hero than any actor ... because she's actually saving bats.

Lifschitz has been bringing injured fruit bats into her home for two years and caring for them, hoping to release these fascinating animals into the wild. She now has about 70 bats.

batNora Lifschitz hopes to build a new shelter for bats in central Israel. (Photo: Reuters)

Lifschitz has a soft spot for these animals. “I think that what attracted me to them especially is the eyes,” she says. “They have a look of helplessness. Once we found a bat with her babies. She lay on the ground, and she simply was helpless. But she kept on holding on to her babies.”

Volunteer veterinarians started coming by to treat the injured or abandoned bats. Her project began to gain attention when she launched an online campaign to build a proper shelter for the bats, which raised about $15,000. Volunteers now come from around Israel to bring her injured flying animals.

fruit batsPeople often drive fruit bats away from their orchards. (Photo: Reuters)

"I decided to help fruit bats because no one helps them," Lifschitz says. "And then I started, one bat after another."

She's successfully nursed some bats back to health and released them into the wild. In addition to making a huge difference to the animals, Lifschitz is also helping the environment; fruit bats are important for spreading tree seeds.

Lifschitz isn't getting paid to help these animals, and since they can't exactly tell the world of her deeds, she's unlikely to receive much acclaim. She simply realized that she could help another sentient being and went for it, even though it meant sacrificing her home to the cause. Quirkiness aside, that's real heroism, isn't it?

batsLifschitz feeds the animals hefty amounts of fresh fruits daily. (Photo: Reuters)


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Real-life Batgirl is a superhero to animals
This woman turned her home into a shelter for bats.