man at beach at sunset man at beach at sunset When you've got a sea and a sunset in front of you, you're automatically 50 percent more successful. It's science. (Photo: brickrena / Shutterstock)

8 quotes to inspire you to reach your goals for the new year

Head into 2020 with some wise and witty advice.

2019 was quite the year. As we begin to look to the present, let's turn to some inspiring words to give us renewed energy, cheer and peace of mind. Luckily, plenty of men and women have come up with strong and, better yet, pithy words of wisdom to help us through 2020.

From world-renowned physicist Albert Einstein, to Israeli-American economist Dan Ariely, to American poet Robert Frost, to American businesswoman Mary Kay Ash, plenty of people feel totally qualified to give everyone advice about everything.

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T.S. Eliot should know. One day, he was writing 'The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.' The next, he was writing 'Cats.'

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Albert Einstein may not have known that we're star stuff, but he probably could have wrapped his brain around the idea.

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Martin Luther King was quite the romantic.

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This truism applies to just about everything except roadblocks, mountains, houses and a lot of other problems. Actually, this one may not make much sense.

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There we go, that makes more sense.

Henry David Thoreau(Photo: PR Image Factory/Shutterstock)

Henry David Thoreau spent a couple years totally-but-not-really removed from civilization.

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Dan Ariely studies this stuff for a living.

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You don't get a field of sunflowers by figuring you'll plant the seeds later.


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8 quotes to inspire you to reach your goals for the new year
Head into 2020 with some wise and witty advice from Albert Einstein, Henry David Thoreau and other great thinkers.