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Want to recover from exercise faster? Listen to music

Don't take off those earbuds after the workout is over – keep listening, for speedy recovery.

A dog sanctuary with a passion for compassion

Dog Tales provides plush furnishings and beautiful country surroundings for animals in need.

Vivid sunset over Tel Aviv cityscape

Before finally setting beneath the Mediterranean Sea, the sun puts on an unforgettable show.

Get your toddler writing – it's not too early

Short, simple writing exercises make a world of difference for children's literacy development.

Rebuilding urban waterfronts

A healthy waterfront can be the gateway to a healthy city.

Dawn in Tel Aviv

Street lights glow in the last moments of darkness in this amazing panoramic photo.

The road Lonely traveled, 108 countries in 10 years

Peleg Cohen's passion for the planet has kept him on the go.

Gothic fashion maven La Carmina takes on the world

Blogger, author and TV host shares her musings on world travel and finding unexpected beauty.

Tattoos for commitment-phobes

Temporary tattoos aren't just found in Cracker Jack boxes anymore.

Move over, Craigslist: The buy/sell/trade trend has gone social

People who regularly buy, sell and swap used goods find comfort and convenience in Facebook groups.

(Inter)national football leagues: American football around the globe

American football joins rugby and soccer as sports of choice for many nations throughout the world.

Youth village leader named a global hero

Center has housed at-risk immigrant youth for more than half a century.

Tailor-made tours offer inside peek of contemporary fashion scene

Tel Aviv's up-and-coming designers get critical exposure from Galit Reismann's tours.

Nature-inspired jewelry benefits conservation

Swedish designer Sara Kallus' pieces remind us about the importance of preserving nature.

Make your hair shine with milk and honey

How to make a hair mask with two of nature's most versatile ingredients.