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You're going to want to know this 19-year-old high school dropout turned fashion designer

The fashion world is abuzz over Maya Reik, the Israeli designer whose fashion line reflects talent and sophistication way beyond her years.

7 former bachelors who found love late in life

From Tarantino to Clooney, these men gladly abandoned the bachelor life for a slice of happy ever after.

Conan made secret stop at bizarre University of Alabama souvenir shop in Jerusalem

A Harvard grad, the late night host had some fun at a store dedicated to celebrating one of America's top college football teams.

Ridiculously ambitious man completes triathlon – while juggling

Shahar Cohen once swam across a sea while juggling. But, apparently, that wasn't enough.

Thousands gather in Tel Aviv to march for animal rights

Organizers say it's one of the largest animal rights demonstrations in history.

18-year-old gymnast makes history at World Championships

Linoy Ashram became the first Israeli rhythmic gymnast to win an individual all-around medal at the competition.

Player on team that pulled off one of basketball’s greatest upsets makes Hall of Fame

Mickey Berkovich joins FIBA class with NBA greats Shaquille O'Neal and Tony Kukoc.

7 offbeat things Conan O'Brien should do when he’s in Israel

Instead of the usual tourist spots, the late night host would feel right at home at these unique locales – including a goat farm.

Cable guys uncover 1,500-year-old Greek mosaic

Archaeologists believe the mosaic may have been the floor of an ancient boutique hotel.

Basketball Without Borders scores in Israel

International program seeks out future NBA stars.

Israel's first whisky distillery selling off its first 100 bottles

Milk & Honey is releasing a special line of single-malt whisky after a 3-year aging period.

This designer is selling an entirely 3D-printed jacket, and we want it

Danit Peleg's not even 30 yet, and she's already a global pioneer in the fashion industry. That, friends, is #lifegoals.

5 reasons you need to visit this Mediterranean beach town

The coastal Israeli city of Netanya offers breathtaking views ... and a beach elevator.

These amazing hot air balloons will make you wish you were up, up and away

Trigger warning: If you're scared of clowns or giant floating heads in the likeness of Vincent Van Gogh, please look away.

This study will make you think about how many Facebook friends you have

A new analysis looks at how our social media life reflects our real life.