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Where are all the hottest fashion designers coming from? Tel Aviv

The Mediterranean metropolis is turning out an impressive crop of young, skilled talent that's making a global stake in the fashion industry.

8 odd facts about daylight saving time

What Ben Franklin, candy makers and 'American Idol' have to do with the shifting clocks.

What you should be for Halloween, based on your Myers-Briggs type

Don't go as a zombie or a witch. Let us help you be something more unique.

Who were the ancient Natufians and how did they change your life?

One little culture started farming crops and taming animals, leading to the modern world.

Scientists are using billions of photos to analyze fashion around the world

Why do people in Brazil wear more hats than people in Italy? Why do so many Americans wear black? These questions are finally answered, thanks to the wonders of technology.

Autographed Einstein notes given to Japanese bellhop up for auction

The handwritten scrawls were reportedly given by the absent-minded professor in lieu of a tip.

Meet the world's rescue team

From one natural disaster to another, IsraAid is there. How do they do it?

Watch these celebs surprise their families with home makeovers

New web series starring Kristen Bell, Ludacris and more will bring a smile to your day.

Now there's a one-stop marketplace for eco-friendly fashion

27-year-old Daniella Zakon's Marrakesh website gathers artisans and retailers from around the world focused on sustainability, ethics and natural materials.

Israel stands with Las Vegas

Tel Aviv's City Hall displayed an American flag on the side of its building Monday evening.

Meet Daizy Shely, the rebellious redhead designer taking Milan by storm

The edgy Israeli creates eye-popping fashion using pleats, fringe, denim and a whole lot of color.

This new swimsuit is just perfect ... if you're naked

Watch how a pro swimmer is making it possible for even the most modest among us to swim in the nude.

How to not be overwhelmed by decisions

A behavioral scientist offers advice for making choices easier.

The roads around your kid's school are more dangerous than you think

1 in 3 drivers in school zones are doing unsafe things like texting while driving, according to new research.

Here's how much you can drink in college without messing up your job prospects

Scientists figured out how much binge drinking is too much.