Necklace featuring silver-dipped leaves by naki Necklace featuring silver-dipped leaves by naki Caught Autumn Leaves from The Naturally Silver Collection (All photos courtesy Sara Kallus/

Nature-inspired jewelry benefits conservation

Swedish designer Sara Kallus' pieces remind us about the importance of preserving nature.

Nature is Sara Kallus' muse and her medium. In her "Naturally Silver" collection, the Swedish designer uses real twigs and leaves to create her pieces. Each ring, bracelet, necklace and earring is different and carries with it a true piece of the wilderness.

Sara Kallus wearing twig earrings from her collection

Kallus now lives in Israel's Negev desert, where she looks out her window to find inspiration: the collection incorporates leaves and twigs found in the native countryside. 

"This little dot on the map has everything from forests, rivers and snow-covered mountains in the north to the Dead Sea, deserts and the colorful Red Sea in the south," Kallus said. "I just wish that the understanding of the importance of preserving this treasure would grow."

Kallus is helping to do just that by highlighting nature through her designs. To produce her wares, she finds twigs in nature and makes a mold out of them. At the center of every silver leaf is a real leaf from a carob tree. The leaves are placed in a bath of electrolytic solution, where plating occurs which covers the leaf with a protecting layer of silver.

Kallus' collection serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting nature, which she herself learned early on in the Swedish countryside. 

"I was born and brought up in Norrköping, a middle-sized city on the east coast of Sweden," Kallus said. "I grew up on the countryside with a lot of influence from nature and animals, which are both close to my heart up until this day." 

Twig Bracelet - The Naturally Silver Collection by nakiKallus' favorite piece from her collection is the Twig Bracelet with added leaves. 

Fittingly, Kallus has partnered with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), donating a generous 70 percent of her "Naturally Silver" proceeds to benefit the conservation nonprofit. Kallus said she knew she wanted to contribute to environmental conservation in some way with her designs, which is why she decided to approach the organization. 

"The nature here is very unique in its extreme richness in such a small area," she said. "I was very happy to find out that SPNI welcomed the project with open arms."

Twig Ring - The Naturally Silver CollectionTwig Ring from The Naturally Silver Collection. (Photo: All photos courtesy of Sara Kallus)

As for the future of her collection, Kallus gives a wink and says she's open to suggestions. If you're interested in checking out the full collection, or imparting some creative direction, head over to her website.


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Nature-inspired jewelry benefits conservation
Swedish designer Sara Kallus' pieces remind us about the importance of preserving nature.