Yotam Schwartz Yotam Schwartz BRB, cold shower. (Photo: Yotam Schwartz/Pinterest)

Introducing Yotam Shwartz, Israel's sexiest model on Instagram

We're already getting lost in those eyes.

With eyes like that, you knew it wouldn't take long for the world to take notice of Yotam Shwartz. The Haifa, Israel-born model, with his sizable Instagram following, just landed on PopSugar's gallery of Sexiest Men to Follow on Instagram, so naturally, our curiosity was piqued.


So, you know what happens when you stumble upon a new Instagram page and you just ... can't ... stop ... scrolling?


Ahem. Where were we?


Oh, right. Our new friend Yotam.


OK. Let's be real for a second. There is only one reason – well, technically two – that we haven't been able to stop swooning over Spicy Shwartz. But once we unruffled our feathers and pulled ourselves together, we discovered something even more endearing about the young Israeli model – he's also super funny, and clearly doesn't take himself too seriously.

Exhibit A: This hilarious video he produced with friends in Israel. (We can't explain it, we can only laugh.)


Exhibit B: New 'do.


But ... there is a slight wrinkle in all this eye candy. Preemptive apologies, ladies – this one's taken.



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Introducing Yotam Shwartz, Israel's sexiest model on Instagram
Young Israel-born model is melting social media with his piercing green eyes.