Milk and honey in the spa Milk and honey in the spa Milk and honey aren't just good for the skin; they can also help give you healthy-looking hair via a "hair mask." (Photo: matka_Wariatka / Shutterstock)

Make your hair shine with milk and honey

How to make a hair mask with two of nature's most versatile ingredients.

Tired of all the products in the hair care aisle promising lustrous locks with no fewer than 15 chemical ingredients? Look no further than your refrigerator and pantry for two household ingredients that will get you red-carpet-ready hair, without the price tag or the chemicals of the store-bought hair products.

A milk and honey mask (just like oil) can make hair softer. "It nourishes the hair," Tsvi Michaeli, a salon owner in Israel, told From the Grapevine. "The hair becomes softer. The texture changes, it's not freezing anymore and the hair sets better."

Milk has long been known to not be just healthy for your body, but also healthy for your skin, your hair and even your eyes. Healthy hair begins from the inside out, so a diet rich in protein and antioxidants will help you to have shiny, healthy hair. Milk contains casein and whey, two important proteins for a healthy body (as long as you can tolerate dairy!) and healthy hair. Whey is often taken as a nutritional supplement to help build muscle mass, but applied topically, whey can also stimulate hair follicle growth.

Milk’s natural creaminess makes it an excellent conditioner for your hair. And it helps lock in the moisture, too. “Whole milk, which is thicker than skim milk, can be used as a natural way to heal dry, brittle hair,” Rivkah Cohen, a hair stylist in Baltimore, explained to From The Grapevine. “Just put it in a spray bottle, spray onto your hair, let it sit for at least 30 minutes and then wash as usual – you’ll get shiny, glossy hair.”

What about honey?

Interestingly, honey has some beneficial skin-care applications – it can help moisturize skin and, because of its medicinal and antimicrobial properties, can even help treat burns and other wounds.

For hair, it can also work wonders.

“Honey works as a natural humectant,” said Cohen. “It seals the moisture into your hair and softens it as well and is a great treatment for your hair all by itself.”

Combine the two ingredients and you’ve got one powerful hair treatment solution. You can try this recipe at or follow the instructions in the video above. You can also apply each ingredient separately to your hair and scalp as two individual treatments.

In fact, you’ve probably got a whole lot of other regular household ingredients for your hair. Anything from bananas, apple cider vinegar, coconut, eggs, strawberries and of course, my all-time favorite – avocados – can be used to condition, smooth and strengthen lackluster locks. You’ll have the added bonus of smelling great, and whichever you choose, you’ve got a natural, inexpensive solution to add to your hair-care arsenal.


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Make your hair shine with milk and honey
How to make a hair mask with two of nature's most versatile ingredients.