Israeli dancer Israeli dancer A dancer dressed in luminous garb performs during the Jerusalem Festival of Lights on June 12. (Photo: Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images)

Lights festival in Jerusalem brings fantastical displays

Take a visual tour of the enchanting event, from whimsical glowing costumes to breathtaking art projections.

For one week every year, Jerusalem's ancient structures glow with the colors of fantastical art displays. The streets, alleys and buildings came to life with luminous sculptures and colorful projections during the 6th International Festival of Light, which took place June 11 through June 14.

We've rounded up some of our favorite photos from the event:

Garden of DreamsThe sun sets behind the Garden of Dreams exhibit at the Jaffa Gate Plaza, which is marked by beautiful LED-lit towers. (Photo: Avital Pinnick/Flickr)

CardsThe "House of Cards" exhibit in Hurva Square features giant playing cards featuring biblical figures created by artist Jean David. The huge structure was created by Gaston Zahr and Merav Eitan. (Photo: Avital Pinnick/Flickr)

Damascus GateDamascus gate, one of the main entrances into the Old City of Jerusalem, is transformed by colorful projections. (Photo: Gali Tibbon/AFP/Getty Images)

Damascus GateMore elaborate designs are projected onto the gate, which has stood in the northwest part of the city since 1537. (Photo: Miriam Mezzera/Flickr)

Cosmogole exhibitCosmogole, designed by France's Philippe Morvan, pulses with sound and light - giving visitors an unforgettable concert experience. (Photo: Avital Pinnick/Flickr)

Glowing alleyVisitors explore the city, moving through alleys lit with psychedelic designs. (Photo: Zvi Kons/Flickr)

Cloud ExhibitMade from used incandescent bulbs, the interactive "Cloud" exhibit invites the audience to turn the bulbs on and off, as if lightning is pulsing through the cloud. (Photo: Avital Pinnick/Flickr)

Wire sculptures Costumed performers are illuminated by blue and pink lights, making for a whimsical experience in the Old City. (Photo: Avital Pinnick/Flickr)


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Lights festival in Jerusalem brings fantastical displays
Take a visual tour of the enchanting lights festival in Jerusalem, from whimsical glowing costumes to breathtaking projected displays.