Kim Kardashian Weather App Kim Kardashian Weather App Created by BRAVO, the Kim.Guru mobile app gives you the weather forecast in any major city and what Kim Kardashian would wear there. (Photo: Tinseltown /Shutterstock)

The Kim Kardashian weather app has finally arrived

Curious as to what Kim might wear in your city based on the current weather? You will be.

From helping us drive safer to gauging the ripeness of avocados, mobile apps have transformed our world in ways inconceivable only a short time ago. If there's a problem, innovation quickly catches up to solve it. And nothing better represents such brilliant modern solutions than the Kim Kardashian fashion weather app.

We know what you're thinking: finally. It's the same word that crossed our minds as we quickly entered in our location and were presented with Kanye's better half in a fashionable two-piece. Perfect. Of course. Want to know what she might choose for another climate? Simply type in the city and watch as the site chooses from more than 100 pictures of outfits from Kardashian's extensive wardrobe.

It's the kind of app the world never knew it needed and now will likely influence weather reports all around the world in the months to come. Just imagine how more fashion-conscious the five cities below will become after receiving the following information:

Kim Kardashian Weather AppCloudy and cool in Chicago? No problem – the Kim Kardashian weather app has got your back. And so does Kanye. (Photo: Kim.Guru/Bravo)

Kim Kardashian Weather AppIt's heating up in Tel Aviv, but Kim is keeping it cool. (Photo: Kim.Guru/Bravo)

Kim Kardashian Weather AppAccording to, a cool, hazy day in Malibu demands knee-high boots and a matching leather purse. You've been warned. (Photo: Kim.Guru/Bravo)

Kim Kardashian Weather AppParis does not have beaches like this. But if it did, this is exactly what Kim Kardashian would be wearing. (Photo: Kim.Guru/Bravo)

Kim Kardashian Weather AppKim is poolside in Rome. Okay, not really. But it's warm there, so anything's possible. Like the Matrix. (Photo: Kim.Guru/Bravo)

So the next time the world has got you down, always remember it could be worse for Kim Kardashian. She might be in Fargo, North Dakota, on a Thursday and forced to wear this:

Kim Kardashian Weather AppIf Kim Kardashian ever finds herself in Fargo, N.D., this is definitely the go-to outfit. (Photo: Kim.Guru/Bravo)

Feel better? We sure do.


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