Tommy Jeans XPLORE Tommy Jeans XPLORE A vision in teal. (Photo: Tommy Hilfiger)

Thanks to Israeli tech, your Tommy Hilfiger jeans are going back to the future

It looks like a simple label sewn into your '90s-style pants, but it's actually a chip that unlocks a world of rewards.

Tommy Hilfiger's new line features the 1990s-esque kitsch you loved, but with a slightly Orwellian (but altogether harmless) twist: a clothing label infused with a smart chip that connects to an app, leading you to rewards and prizes.

Similar to the scavenger-hunt style of Pokemon Go, Tommy Jeans XPLORE allows wearers to earn rewards points as they navigate to different locations and collect Hilfiger icons. You can log onto the interactive app, also called XPLORE, and when you reach a specific location, you can play a game to earn points. Those points can then be used for concert tickets, a trip to the Tommy Archives, fashion shows and more.

Tommy Hilfiger XPLORE line Clothing in the XPLORE line includes t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, hats and bags. (Photo: Tommy Hilfiger)

And the technology that's making all this possible? It was developed by Awear Solutions, a company in Israel that specializes in smart chip technology. Awear partnered with the 33-year-old fashion brand to develop the line.

Liron Slonimsky, founder of Awear Solutions and an alum of Tel Aviv university, told WWD: "Awear’s smart tag enables active, personalized engagement in real time, rewarding the consumer on product usage. Never before has a brand been able to understand how the consumer truly uses the product after it leaves the store. Tommy Hilfiger’s innovative history has shown that they understand what consumer engagement truly is and we knew they would be the perfect partner to launch Awear Solutions to the market.”

The Awear collection tags 23 items that range from handbags and hoodies to jeans and T-shirts. And if they look familiar to you, you're probably in your thirties and wore that same hoodie to your eighth-grade science lab.

tommy hilfiger hoodies The spirit of the '90s is alive and very bright red. (Photo: Tommy Hilfiger)


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