Indian businesswoman Indian businesswoman A partnership with Israel means that more Indian women will have opportunities to become entrepreneurs. Photo: Stuart Jenner/Shutterstock)

Israel offers MBA scholarships to Indian women

Partnership ensures opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

As India rises on the world stage, Israel is looking to help shape its future by inspiring more Indian women to enter business as entrepreneurs. Economic ties between Israel and India have grown significantly during the past generation, with trade between the nations reaching $6 billion last year, according to The Hindu.

Now, the Israel-Asia Center, the Bonita Trust and Tel Aviv University are offering a scholarship program for some future businesswomen of India. The scholarship provides free tuition in Tel Aviv University’s International MBA program as well as participation in the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship and a potential shot at startup money for a business run jointly by Israelis and Indians.

Like similar international MBA programs, the university’s offering includes the usual business management training, but also provides what future business leaders need most – contacts. Aside from a core curriculum augmented with a range of "creative electives," the fellowship seeks to introduce young Indian women entrepreneurs to business contacts and support networks with Israelis working in the field.

Tel Aviv University will begin offering the scholarships in the 2014-2015 academic year. GMAT exam scores are required for admission. 

The Israel-Asia Center has offered similar scholarship programs to students in China and South Korea.


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Israel offers MBA scholarships to Indian women
Longstanding economic ties between the two nations strengthen with a new Tel Aviv University scholarship program aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs.