college students drinking a cocktail college students drinking a cocktail Scientists have determined that these guys may be moving in with their parents after graduation. (Photo: DisobeyArt / Shutterstock)

Here's how much you can drink in college without messing up your job prospects

Scientists figured out how much binge drinking is too much.

We have some bad news for college students: if you drink too much, you might not get a job after you graduate.

You may not be shocked by this news. You may, in fact, be used to hearing it all your life from parents and teachers. But now, there's evidence. Scientists from Israel's Tel Aviv University and New York's Cornell University conducted a study to figure out how much drinking is too much when it comes to getting a job.

The scientists collected data from 827 students who had recently graduated from colleges around the U.S. Students who drank heavily (that means four drinks in two hours for women and five drinks in two hours for men) were in some pretty serious trouble when it came to finding jobs. Students who drank heavily four times a month were 6 percent less likely to land a full-time job when they graduated.

The more they binge drank, the worse it got. Those who binge drank six times a month were a full 10 percent less likely to snag that job.

But don't throw away all your red cups yet. The same scientists who brought you this unfortunate news may have also pinpointed exactly how much you can drink without messing up your employment opportunities. They found that students who drank but didn't binge drink were just as likely to get hired as students who didn't drink.

"The manner in which students drink appears to be more influential than how much they drink when it comes to predicting the likelihood of getting a job upon graduation," explained Peter Bamberger, a Tel Aviv University professor who worked on the study.


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