wacky person wacky person You don't need to look like you know what's going on to get attention. (Photo: holbox / Shutterstock)

How to be the wackiest person at your Halloween party

You gotta make people question their basic assumptions about reality every now and then.

Halloween is a strange enough holiday with all the costumes and odd traditions, but there are ways to make it even more unusual, especially if you've got an audience and no desire to be normal. Here's a field guide to becoming the wackiest person at your Halloween party.

Bring bubble wrap

businessman popping bubble wrapResearch has shown that popping bubble wrap helps people relax. (Photo: Paisit Teeraphatsakool/Shutterstock)

Did you know that popping bubble wrap helps people relax? What a great reason to bring some to your party! Walk up to someone with a sheet of bubble wrap. Pop each bubble one at a time, slowly, in front of them. If they try to talk, pop a whole bunch. When they leave, move on to the next person, until you've popped bubbles in the faces of everyone at the party.

You'll be very relaxed by the end. They won't be.

Wear a falafel costume

Food costumes are popular on Halloween, but way too many people go as sexy grapes or hot dogs or other boring food items. If you show up in a falafel costume so big that you can't fit through a doorway, then you won't just be dressing like dressing; you'll be making a statement as intriguing as a delicious Israeli chickpea-filled sandwich. More important, you'll be able to wedge yourself in hallways so people can't get past you.

Hide candy everywhere

Carmel Market in Tel Aviv has several candy shops that will satisfy any sugar craving. Carmel Market in Tel Aviv has several candy shops that will satisfy any sugar craving. (Photo: Zach Pontz)

Gummy bears, worms, unusual foreign candy bars ... you name it. Slip them in random places at your party. Then, later on, pretend to find them, and act like they're alive.

"There are worms here!" you'll shout. When everyone looks over and sees gummy worms, give them a "told you so" look, and proceed to pick one up and eat it, crying.

Sit on the floor

woman sitting on the floorYou will look exactly this glamorous. (Photo: carlo dapino/Shutterstock)

Sit on the floor in the middle of the room without talking. Don't move for anyone. If someone asks you to stand up (and someone will), respond, "But it's Halloween!" If they tell you this explanation doesn't make sense, respond, "But it's Halloween!"

Get classic

Classic, as in, classic movies. "Casablanca" specifically. Basically, we want you to walk up to someone at the party and say, "Of all the Halloween parties in the country, you had to walk into mine." Gently hold his hand and stare into his eyes. Then shove a bunch of gummy worms into your mouth and eat them very slowly, maintaining eye contact the whole time.


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