Giving Tuesday Giving Tuesday Giving Tuesday, a global charity movement, hopes to break a world record for most giving in 24 hours on Dec. 1. (Photo: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock)

Giving Tuesday seeks to break world record in charitable donations

Rapidly growing movement harnesses the power of social media in an effort to make a difference for millions globally.

You've celebrated a big meal with the family, braved the crowds on Black Friday and clicked the deals on Cyber Monday. Now, get ready to cap the start of the holiday season with a bit of giving back.

Giving Tuesday, a global movement focused on charitable giving, is poised to make this Dec. 1 one for the record books. The annual event, taking place each Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is aiming to set a new Guinness World Record for the most money donated online for charity in 24 hours. With the addition of 12 countries this year joining the effort, including Australia, Israel, Canada, the U.K. and Brazil, expectations are high that the world's generosity will be on full display.

One of the global charities taking part in Giving Tuesday is IsraelGives, a Tel Aviv-based organization that since 2009 has raised more than $25 million for nonprofit organizations. CEO Yonatan Ben-Dor says the global movement is an inspiring and heartwarming way for people to give back to their local communities.

“In Israel, where giving is part and parcel of our culture and values, there’s no telling how much we can raise for our homegrown nonprofit organizations,” he said in a recent interview.

With more than 30,000 organizations, nonprofits and businesses taking part around the world, Giving Tuesday has quickly earned a welcome place alongside Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Its real success, however, lies in how it takes advantage of social media; in other words, turning philanthropy into a trending topic that can make a real difference.

"The most powerful way to raise money is to have a friend ask a friend," Henry Timms, the founder of Giving Tuesday, recently told Reuters. "Increasingly we see peer-to-peer movements taking place. We see the shift from donors to owners. We have to create things that leave space for people to give their own touch. They've made it more about their cause, their community, the things that matter most."

Giving TuesdayUse the hashtag #GivingTuesday to help spread the word on Dec. 1 in support of global donations. (Photo: Giving Tuesday)

Want to help spread the word from your own smartphone or laptop? Be sure to support organizations in your participating country, as well as use the #GivingTuesday hashtag across any social media accounts.

With a big push from everyone online, those in need around the world will face a much brighter future on Dec. 2.


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