Woman wears flower boutonniere on her lace shirt Woman wears flower boutonniere on her lace shirt Pinned to a lace frock, flowers add the perfect burst of color. (Courtesy Omer Polak)

Gear up for wedding season with these fresh flower boutonnieres

Add floral flair to your event attire with these pretty designs.

With wedding season fast approaching, a hand-blown glass boutonniere offers the chance for you to step up your event attire. Designed to hold fresh flowers, these elegant pins make the perfect addition to any summer dress or suit coat. They are also ideal for adorning a groom’s lapel or for adding a classic touch to the ensemble of the whole wedding party.

Omer Polak, a multimedia artist and designer from Israel, was inspired by tradition and the olfactory sense when designing these beautiful boutonnieres. The concept of wearing flowers close to the heart stems back hundreds of years and is believed to bring the wearer wealth and fertility.

Flower boutonniere pinned to casual jacket and groomPolack's boutonnieres add simple elegance to both casual and formal attire. (Photo: Omer Polak)

Polak was inspired by this tradition when he, almost accidentally, created the first prototype to wear at an event he attended. “The problem was that the event was during the summer, which means that the flower couldn't survive outside without water," Polak told From the Grapevine. "So the first boutonniere was actually an improvisation made by a little test tube and magnet.” Polak received so many compliments for his lapel decor that evening that it became clear that this would be his next creative endeavor.

Polak works with a glass blower to craft the boutonnieres, meaning that each one is unique. Likewise, Polak says that the particular flower or herb someone chooses for his or her boutonniere is a personal one, making the possibilities for this fashion statement essentially limitless. As for Polak, he prefers a combination of flowers and herbs, often wearing peppermint and rosemary in the afternoon and salvia, a bright purple flower, at night.

Side view of pinned boutonierre with fresh flowersYou can fully customize what kind of flower – and even what kind of scents – you want to fill your boutonniere. (Photo: Omer Polak)

As Polak well knows, the scents of flowers and herbs have long been associated with altering moods. Jasmine and thyme excite the senses, while honeysuckle and wisteria can make you feel sleepy. To promote feelings of wakefulness and rejuvenation, choose strong herbal or citrus scents, like rosemary, lavender and lemon verbena. For relaxation, lilac and chamomile are perfect choices. With these elegant lapel accessories, every combination offers a fresh fashion statement as well as a boost of ambiance.

Polak’s hand-blown designs make excellent gifts for men and women alike. They breathe life into any ensemble, in any season, as a form of wearable art. You can purchase a one-of-a-kind boutonniere online at Polak's Boutonniere Shop for $35, and Polak offers free shipping worldwide.


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Gear up for wedding season with these fresh flower boutonnieres
Add floral flair to your event attire with these pretty designs.