Gal Gadot modeling Reebok apparel Gal Gadot modeling Reebok apparel Gal Gadot and Reebok have teamed up to inspire women and future generations to embrace fitness as a way to become the best version of themselves – physically, mentally, and socially. (Photo: Reebok)

Gal Gadot is the new face of Reebok – and we're shook

The 'Wonder Woman' star joins Victoria Beckham and Ariana Grande as brand ambassadors.

She's won hearts on the big screen as Wonder Woman. She's modeled for runways, fashion houses like Gucci and Castro, and beauty pageants. She's hosted Saturday Night Live. She's even really good at hula hooping.

And now, she's adding "fitness spokesmodel" to her already impressive roster. The 32-year-old mother of two is the newest face of Reebok, the athletic company that also boasts Victoria Beckham and Ariana Grande as brand ambassadors.

“I was lucky enough to grow up with a mother who was a gym teacher, so the importance of having someone push me out of my comfort zone and being active – and the benefits of it – were ingrained in me as a young girl,” the Israeli-born Gadot said.

Gal Gadot modeling Reebok apparel Anyone up for a workout? (Photo: Reebok)

The actress has earned praise in Hollywood and around the world for being an inspiration to young people – specifically young girls. That shone through as she ruminated on her time filming "Wonder Woman," when she reflected on the superhero genre as it pertains to female roles.

"There's something about this genre that's always been looked down on because of the spectacle and ... you know, it's sci-fi," she explained. "So it's either we settle and just do an entertaining movie, or we use this device, this vessel of Wonder Woman with all of its legacy, and we say something good about the world."

We submit that Gadot herself is saying something good about the world just by being in it.

And if all that still doesn't impress you ... there's always the hula hooping.


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