The "Menswear Dog" feed has more than a quarter million followers. The "Menswear Dog" feed has more than a quarter million followers. The "Menswear Dog" feed has more than a quarter million followers. (Photo: Courtesy photo)

5 dogs you have to follow on Instagram

Cat videos may rule one corner of the web, but when it comes to social media, these photos go to the dogs.

Dogs today enjoy watching TV and using dating apps, so it seems quite natural that the canine set would also join in on the social media fun. Below, we round up five of our favorite dogs to follow on Instagram.

Doug the Pug

With more than 2 million followers on Instagram (and another 5 million on Facebook), Doug the Pug is one of the most popular dogs on the internet. In addition to posting photos, his handlers also upload videos – a recent one featured Doug at the Rio Olympics. He's even got his own store, which features everything from Doug the Pug T-shirts to mugs to iPhone cases. His owner, Leslie Mosier of Nashville, quit her day job to run the Doug the Pug empire. "Doug makes people happy, and that’s my ultimate motivation throughout all of this," she wrote on the Huffington Post. "I have gotten emails from leukemia patients that rely on Doug’s photos for a boost in morale each day, and been touched by emotional stories like one of a little boy whose mom unexpectedly died; he put Doug’s photos in her casket just in case she woke up."

Thomas Wants Food

Thomas Wants Food is exactly what it sounds like. Owner Yael Kraus, a 24-year-old psychology and business administration student, takes 7-year-old Thomas around their native Israel snapping photos of her golden retriever enjoying local delicacies and scenery. In the photo above, he's enjoying a sabich sandwich, and below he chomps on a watermelon on a beach in the Mediterranean coastal city of Tel Aviv, where they live. "Thomas is a true foodie since he was a little puppy," Kraus told From The Grapevine. "He always wants food, so we started uploading some photos of him, and we got really good reactions from his followers." She recently took him to a special rooftop screening of "The Secret Life of Pets" where owners and their canine friends could watch the animated movie together. (You can watch the video of that encounter.) Indeed, Thomas is part of a larger group on Instagram that's called "Dogs of Tel Aviv."

Marnie the Dog

At 13 years old, the Shih Tzu named Marnie is one of the oldest dogs on Instagram. Shirley Braha, a television producer in New York City, found Marnie, a partially blind and partially deaf senior dog, at a nearby rescue organization. Marnie's head is permanently tilted to the left, which punctuates her trademark look. Another thing that sets her apart? Her celebrity following. Scrolling through her Instagram photos is like flipping through the pages of People Magazine. You'll see Marnie mugging for shots with Tina Fey, James Franco, Demi Lovato and Seth Rogen (pictured above). And just like any pop culture overnight sensation, Marnie (and Braha) have written a book. "I was just excited that anyone cared," Braha told her local ABC affiliate. "I never imagined she would be at the level she is now."

Menswear Dog

As his slogan declares, Bodhi the Shiba Inu is "the most stylish dog in the world." After perusing through his Instagram pictures, we find it hard to argue with that assessment. The premise is simple: Dress up a dog in men's clothing. "He doesn't really like to smile a lot in photos so he does the model pout," says his owner Dave Fung, who runs the site with his wife Yena Kim. They use peanut butter, bacon and other treats to get him to pose. Adds Kim: "It's hard not being able to put pants or shoes on him." Bodhi has become a bona fide celebrity, appearing on "Good Morning America," "The Rachael Ray Show" and "Anderson Cooper Live," and in publications including Time, Bloomberg Businessweek, GQ and Esquire. For Fung and Kim, the entire endeavor has become a business. They co-authored a book, and have signed licensing deals for Bodhi to appear in advertisements for Coach, American Apparel and Purina, among other brands.

Dean the Basset Hound

Meet Dean. He's a 2-year-old Basset hound from Toronto. His carefree attitude has garnered him 155,000 fans on Instagram. His owners produced and designed a Dean the Basset Hound calendar that instantly sold out. (Sorry, you'll have to wait until 2017 for your next chance.) "We're all really surprised by it," owner Carly Bright told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. of the instant success. "We really try and showcase his personality. He's kind of grumpy, he loves naps, he loves pizza. Lots of people can relate to that." Bright says she and her partner receive offers from brands several times a week hoping to get Dean to pose for a photo with their product. But they usually turn the freebies down, in the hopes of keeping their social media feed more fun and authentic. "We just love spending time with Dean."


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5 dogs you have to follow on Instagram
Cat videos may rule one corner of the web, but when it comes to social media, these photos go to the dogs.