Girls dancing at silent disco Girls dancing at silent disco Israeli youths in Tel Aviv dance at a silent disco party, wearing headphones to keep from bothering others within the neighborhood. (Photo: Uriel Sinai/Getty Images)

Now you can party past curfew, without waking up the neighborhood

Grab your smartphone, headphones and friends for silent disco fun.

It’s 2 a.m., the kegs are tapped, the fraternities are kicking people out, but you don’t want to stop dancing to the Mediterranean-infused hip-hop sound of Balkan Beat Box. The party continues back in your dorm room but before you know it you’re getting written up by your very cranky RA for being too noisy. What are you to do? Enter Silent Disco, a quiet way to rave past curfew that’s become popular across the US, Europe and Israel.

The idea of the Silent Disco was born from eco-activists who realized that throwing a party was the easiest way to draw huge crowds to forests that were about to be cut down. Unfortunately, loud noises disturb animals. The solution? Music was played over headphones so guests could enjoy themselves without distressing the wild life they were gathering to save.

Silent Disco at White NightPhoto: Ilia Yefimovich/Getty Images

Today, Silent Disco events, like the massive parties produced by WI:Party in Israel, are sprouting up on streets across the globe. DJs broadcast their songs to partygoers wearing wireless headphones. To onlookers, folks are twerking to nothing, but to attendees, it's all about having a unique, communal experience.

“We’re reinventing the world of parties, transforming silence into pure, uninhibited fun.”
Omer Zerahia, founder of WI:Party in Israel

To host your own Silent Disco Dorm Room Party here’s what you’ll need to do:

Send out an invite asking guests to join you, headphones and smartphones in hand. If your friends all have Spotify, you can share your playlist with them at the party. If not, before the soiree ask your posse to download the app that lets you DJ songs for your friends in real-time, or you can allow everyone take a turn picking a tune for the room to hear. When pals arrive, serve up some non-crunchy snacks, encourage them to remove their shoes so they can jump up and get down quietly, distribute glow sticks and let the festivities begin.

To get you started, we’ve put together a sample playlist, including some of Israel’s hottest DJs and bands like Infected Mushroom (plus Britney Spears).



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Now you can party past curfew, without waking up the neighborhood
Silent discos are fun – and best of all, quiet! All you need is a playlist on your smartphone, headphones and friends.