star wars episode VII trailer chewbacca star wars episode VII trailer chewbacca These guys are judging your outfit right now. (Photo: Lucasfilm/Disney)

The Force is strong with 'Star Wars'-inspired fashion

These outfits are light years away ... in style.

"Star Wars" characters understand fashion. When's the last time you saw Princess Leia in sweats? Or Jar Jar Binks in last season's fads? And if you say, "He was totally wearing winter colors that time he was talking to the Galactic Senate even though I'm pretty sure it was summer," then you clearly don't know anything about how the Gungan fashion industry organizes its seasonal clothing lines.

We could all benefit from the wise style choices of these characters. Here's how:

1. I Am Chewie Hoodie

chewie hoodieJust after this photo was taken, an intergalactic PETA team doused the model in red paint. (Photo: We Love Fine)

This intergalactic sweatshirt isn't just for lounging around the Millennium Falcon. Wear it when you're visiting your mom in Kashyyk, checking out a new intergalactic bar or even when you need to disguise yourself as a Wookiee to sneak into George Lucas's trailer and demand he put you in "Episode IX: The Quest for More Star Wars Screenplays."

2. Droid dress

office droid dressFor the classy lady who has everything except a droid dress. (Photo: ThinkGeek)

If you sort of want to live a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, but also sort of want to live in 1950s suburbia, this droid dress is your jam. Cell phones will have interference when you come too close, and men in T-shirts will propose to you at conventions!

3. Character T-Shirts

T-shirtsT-shirts: For when you like a thing and want everyone else to know you like it too. (Photo: Wicked Clothes)

Want to look like a "Star Wars" character, but not enough that you want anyone to really notice? Try a T-shirt! T-shirts are great for a variety of occasions. For instance, maybe long-sleeved shirts are too formal for you. Or maybe you're so busy knowing you invented Facebook that you don't have time to buy new clothes. Or both. Come on Mark Zuckerberg, you know you want one of these.

4. Hand-painted Toms R2-D2 shoes

shoesThese shoes are way more high-tech than the Subway they have to be in front of. (Photo: Fashionably Geek)

Say you buy that R2-D2 dress and realize you like it. A lot. So much that you can't help but wonder why you've bothered with clothes that look nothing like droids all these years. You start to freak out: What are all these boring things in your closet? Are you just a boring person? Yes, you conclude. Yes, you are. But there's a solution: more R2-D2-related clothing. Like these made-to-order handpainted shoes!

5. Footie Pajamas


These two are definitely going to watch Star Wars after they finish being playful. (Photo:

If you wear these polar fleece pajamas to bed, you too will be a fun-loving couple. Thanks to revolutionary zipper technology, these pajamas will literally turn you into two people as you sleep. And you know what that means: you can buy more pajamas!

For more information on the much-anticipated Star Wars sequels, check out our article about Israeli producer Ram Bergman to find out why he's just as excited as you are.


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The Force is strong with 'Star Wars'-inspired fashion
These outfits are light years away ... in style.