Rob Maatman Rob Maatman Rob Maatman from the Netherlands styles it up on a recent skateboarding trip. (Photo: Davy Van Laere / Red Bull)

Awesome video: Skateboarders rip it on the Mediterranean

Red Bull showcases top international skaters during trip to Israel.

There's nothing like a skateboarding show to get our inner child's attention. Or our outer child. Or really everyone everywhere, because doing crazy tricks on wheels is one of those things that's just plain magical.

Red Bull, the quirky Austria-based energy drink maker, sends top skateboarders around the world to do cool tricks, and the company posts the videos and photos online. Most recently, it featured a skateboarding trip to Israel.

Israeli skater Boaz Aquino led skaters from Brazil, Belgium, England and Holland around the country. The athletes started in Tel Aviv and worked their way through parks and streets in Haifa and Jerusalem.

"Each skater brought something unique to the table as the sessions flowed," organizers wrote on the Red Bull website.

Yad KennedyThe Yad Kennedy in Jerusalem is a memorial to John F. Kennedy. And a great spot for skating. (Photo: Davy Van Laere/Red Bull)

And the White City didn't disappoint. The skaters enjoyed amazing skate parks (not to mention some happenin' nightlife.)

"I could stay here for another month, easy," Brazilian skater Felipe Gustavo said.

skateboardBoaz Aquino skates in one of the oldest skate spots in Israel, found in the mountains near Jerusalem. (Photo: Davy Van Laere/Red Bull)

Previously, Red Bull has sent skaters to India, Canada and the U.S. through its "Skate Escape" series. So if you want to go on a cool international adventure ... you might want to pick up a skateboard.

skateThis Tel Aviv spot is great for rainy days. (Photo: Davy Van Laere/Red Bull)


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