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Israel could become first country to ban fur coats

Animal-rights advocates hail proposed bill as a major milestone.

After a public outcry in Israel to end animal abuse, Israel could become the first country in the world to ban the sale of fur coats.

The bill proposed in July 2012 by a member of the Knesset (the Israeli legislature) aims to ban fur used strictly for fashion. Though the bill has not yet passed, animal-rights advocates are celebrating it as a major step forward for their cause.


An opinion poll run by the International Anti-Fur Coalition and Let Animals Live found that 86 percent of Israelis believe killing animals for their fur is morally wrong and 79 percent would support a nationwide ban.

Several cities such as Dublin and Fingal in Ireland and West Hollywood in California currently ban fur, but no countries do. If this bill passes, Israel could pave the moral way for other nations to follow.

“Fighting for people’s consciousness is a daily undertaking, and this legislation may yet save millions of animals,” said Jane Halevy, chairperson of the International Anti-Fur Coalition.


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