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Airline launches toe-tapping in-flight safety video

Israel's national carrier joins Virgin America and Air New Zealand with humorous musical clip.

The latest in a wave of offbeat, entertaining pre-flight safety videos premiered recently on El Al, Israel’s national carrier. Designed to introduce customers to the airline’s new UP brand, the quirky video features a 1960s-style band, colorful costumes and a catchy tune reminiscent of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” or Psy’s “Gangnam Style.”

The typical safety information is presented via song – the seatbelt tutorial becomes the “Belt Dance,” and costumed dancers use choreography to demonstrate proper upright seat-back position. The earworm-worthy chorus of “Everybody up, up! Yeah, yeah!” helps to promote UP as a fun way to fly.


The lively new safety video follows the recent trend of humorous pre-flight videos seen on airlines such as Virgin America and Air New Zealand.

In the Virgin America clip, hip-hop and an Auto-Tune "robot rap" combine with snazzy choreography for a romp through the airline's safety features.


Air New Zealand partnered with Sports Illustrated for a video in which supermodels from the magazine's famous swimsuit issues over the years present "Safety in Paradise."



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Airline launches toe-tapping in-flight safety video
The in-flight safety video for El Al, Israel's national carrier, is the latest in a wave of funny in-flight safety videos designed to entertain passengers.