Hebrew University Professor Sydney Engelberg holds a baby while teaching a class. Hebrew University Professor Sydney Engelberg holds a baby while teaching a class. Hebrew University Professor Sydney Engelberg became a worldwide sensation after these photos went viral. (Photo: Sarit Fishbaine Engelberg)

'Baby whisperer' professor earns praise for helping mom

He calms a student's baby while continuing to teach class.

Hey moms, ever get all strung out dealing with childcare during those days that take you away from home? Well, if it was college classes that were the culprit, we bet you wished this guy was your teacher:

Professor Sydney Engelberg seen soothing the crying child of one his students during class. Professor Sydney Engelberg holds a child of one his students during class. (Photo: imgur)

That's right, that's a professor holding the baby of one of his students while teaching a class.

Israeli Professor Sydney Engelberg is a social psychologist at Jerusalem's Hebrew University. He teaches in the master's program, which means he has older students, some of whom are mothers. He encourages them to bring their children to class, and recently one of those children began to cry. As the mother went to leave the classroom, Professor Engelberg insisted on taking the baby, while continuing to teach the class. His beneficence produced results: The above photo shows a calm baby.

The photo was posted on his daughter's Facebook page and then made its way onto imgur, where it has received more than 1 million views.

Professor Engelberg, however, is nonplussed about the attention. "I am truly astonished at how something so natural as holding a baby has created such a tsunami of reactions," he told From The Grapevine. "Apparently showing care and concern rather than authority and aloofness really resonates with people world-wide."

And resonate it does. On imgur many commenters had high praise for the professor. "I can't even begin to imagine how much that probably meant to her – knowing that someone valued her education and supported her that much," wrote one commenter, cbarbz. Another, llamario, wrote, "If only we could all behave that way to each other. Care for each other and treat each other with respect and kindness."


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