valentine's day valentine's day Nobody has to be alone on the biggest minor holiday of the year. (Photo: Masson / Shutterstock)

6 creative ways to find a Valentine in 6 hours

We bet you never thought of these ideas to convince someone to date you!

Are you without a Valentine this Valentine's Day? It's a conundrum people find themselves in every year. We've come up with the best guide ever for locking in your Valentine, even if it's dinnertime on Feb. 13! You can ...

Use psychology

valentineNobody turns down a homemade valentine. Nobody. (Photo: Masson/Shutterstock)

Dan Ariely, an Israeli-American professor at Duke University, is famous for explaining human decision-making. He says giving thoughtfully makes us happier, so give someone a Valentine asking for a date. Then ask them to give it back to you (making them happy). Then accept the date.

Let the dogs out

Cute dogHow can you say no to this guy? (Photo: Patryk Kosmider/Shutterstock)

First, get a dog-walking job. Buy a bunch of incredibly long (think 50-yard) leashes, and cover them with Velcro, so they snag easily. Take all your dogs to the park at the same time, making sure to let the leashes out fully. It's only a matter of time until one of your leashes snags the leash of some beauty walking his or her dog. Maybe your dog will get a lover out of the deal as well.

Think with your stomach

Heart-shaped cookies for Valentine's DayHeart-shaped almond cookies are a sweet way to say "I love you" to a stranger this Valentine's Day. (Photo: AnjelikaGr/Shutterstock)

Bake some adorable heart-shaped cookies ahead of time. Then hand them out to cuties on the street. When you find someone you like, offer a cookie and – this is the important part – don't let go of their hand. Valentine acquired!

Get Shakespearean about it

If you're a girl, dress up as a guy and stand outside your apartment, holding a boom box playing love songs. When dudes walk by, tell them that the love of your life – the bestest, prettiest, funnest girl in the whole world – is inside, and you're trying to win her back.

Then pretend to give up, and walk away. Sneak in through your apartment back door and change into girl clothes, making sure to wash off your fake moustache. Then come outside, where a horde of guys is waiting to see the awesome girl they heard so much about.

Be a super someone

Actress Gal GadotWe're pretty sure Wonder Woman gets the guy in the end. (Photo: Batman v Superman/Warner Bros.)

You gotta be a superhero to get a super Valentine. Dress up as Israeli actress Gal Gadot's rendition of Wonder Woman, show up at a comic book convention, and flirt with Superman. You'll be saving the world together in no time! And if Superman's not into you, you can always hit up Aquaman. That guy can't afford to be picky.

Go fish

mermaidHe'll be part of your world soon enough. (Photo: coka/Shutterstock)

Get a mermaid costume. Go to a pool and scout for hot guys in the water. When you see one, dive in and grab his foot. Pull him underwater while he struggles. Then, grab him around the middle and pull him out of the water. Tell him that piranhas were after him, and you just saved him. He can't resist a life-saving mermaid. He's only human.


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6 creative ways to find a Valentine in 6 hours
We bet you never thought of these ideas to convince someone to date you!