Burger king adult meal with an adult toy inside, part of a promotion from the chain's Israel locations. Burger king adult meal with an adult toy inside, part of a promotion from the chain's Israel locations. There's something naughty inside this box. And we don't mean greasy burgers that undo your diet. (Photo: Burger King Israel)

Celebrate Valentine's Day with 50 shades of ... Burger King

The fast-food chain's adult toy promotion is giving new meaning to 'having it your way.'

Burger King wants to be in your bedroom. Just for tonight, no strings attached, maybe they'll leave a note.

Either way, if you're over 18 and happen to be in Israel this evening around dinnertime, stop by one of the chain's five (and growing!) locations and ask for an "adult's meal." You might be quite pleased – or somewhat not – by what's inside.

In honor of Valentine's Day, the fast-food chain is packaging a meal just for grownups that includes dinner for two: two Whoppers, two orders of fries, two beers and one romantic adult toy. The toy selection appears to be either a feather duster (for convenient cleanup while wearing your sexy maid costume, of course!), a satin blindfold or a head massager.

Because what better way to celebrate love than with fast food served in a cardboard box?

It's all part of a fun marketing scheme by the Israeli offices of the Leo Burnett ad agency. And it's one of several experiments the burger chain is conducting to help increase appeal for its larger menu items and target adults. It's also recently been working with an agency in Brazil to promote the King Senior, a meal that comes with two Whopper combos – one for a senior citizen and one for the person accompanying them. In Spain, BK introduced Whopper wine last year; in 2015, it turned its buns black for Halloween.

And if you're as enthralled by the aroma of Whoppers on the grill as we are, you'll also recall the chain's line of quirky burger-scented air fresheners to hang on your car's rearview mirror. Not to mention, their Back to the Future-themed hovertray concept:


So sure, this is nothing more than a bit of swag tacked onto the fast-food experience. But you can't ignore the creativity! Now if I could just borrow that feather duster, I seem to have spilled french fries on my nightstand...


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