Indian businesswoman Indian businesswoman The theme of this year's International Women's Day is "Pledge For Parity." (Photo: Stuart Jenner/Shutterstock)

5 ways countries around the world are celebrating women

From films to tech talks, International Women's Day puts focus on female issues.

"Who run the world? Girls," sings Beyonce, and she may be on to something. Movements have been springing up to better the lives of women around the world.

International Women's Day on March 8 is set to celebrate women through lectures, art exhibitions, documentaries and other attempts to get the word out, including ...

Women Leading Change conference (Jaffa, Israel)

naomi campbellSupermodel Naomi Campbell will receive an award in Israel for her philanthropic works, including hosting a charity fashion event to raise awareness for Ebola research. (Photo: Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock)

This conference, which will be hosted on the Mediterranean shore at the Peres Center for Peace, will focus on female trailblazers in different fields, including high-tech, education and technology. Attendees are coming from 40 different countries, such as the U.S., Australia, the U.K., Germany, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa. The organization in charge of this conference helps run youth villages, women's shelters, day care centers and schools.

Film Premiere: The Will To Fly (Melbourne, Australia)

This feature-length documentary captures the extraordinary athletic feats and personal stories of Lydia Lassila, who won the 2010 Olympic games in aerial skiing. The film "supports the grassroots community and educational movements empowering young women to realize their maximum potential in all areas of life," says the film's website. "This superbly crafted film is both entertaining and the perfect experiential talking point."

Tech Talks (Toronto, Canada)

This series of talks seeks to both celebrate women in tech and encourage young women to get involved. Dominique DeGuzman, a self-taught software engineer; Julia Nguyen, a web and mobile developer; and Sylvia Ng, a growth and analytics professional, will band together to discuss women in technology.

Celebrating Women's Creativity Art Exhibition (Gibralter, Gibralter)

"Chic Cafe" by Isaac MaimonThey're also hosting a competition for local students, whose winning work will appear in the exhibition. (Courtesy of Blue Gallery)

Face Frames Gallery is running a new exhibit to coincide with International Women’s Day. Louisa Rhodes and Christiane Williamson Fa are curating this female-only art exhibition, which will include original sculptures, paintings, illustrations, collages and photographs. Organizers hope this will showcase just how great local female artists are, inspire young artists and raise money for local charity, Women In Need Shelter.

Jam Benefit Concert (Brooklyn, New York)

DNM trio performing jazzy cover of Rihanna's "Umbrella"Proceeds from the concert will go directly to charity. (Screenshot: roy draizin/vimeo)

Oxfam Action Corps NYC, a grassroots all-volunteer group, is putting on a concert to fund solutions to poverty, hunger and injustice. This year, the event will feature a talented range of feminist musicians and a live painter to celebrate International Women's Day. The all-female lineup both celebrates women in the music industry and women around the world through Oxfam’s programs.


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5 ways countries around the world are celebrating women
From films to tech talks, International Women's Day puts focus on the issues.