American actress and director Angelina Jolie waves to fans as she arrives for the world premiere of her new movie "Unbroken" in Sydney, Australia. American actress and director Angelina Jolie waves to fans as she arrives for the world premiere of her new movie "Unbroken" in Sydney, Australia. American actress and director Angelina Jolie waves to fans as she arrives for the world premiere of her new movie "Unbroken" in Sydney, Australia. Jolie is a self-described lefty. (Photo: PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images)

5 times when lefties shined

In observance of Left-Handers Day, we bring you the best of the right-brained folk among us.

Thirteen percent of you are reading this story with the right side of your brain.

For the rest of you, it's time to wise up to the amazing accomplishments of your left-handed counterparts. So many things we take for granted wouldn't exist without the contributions of lefties – Albert Einstein's groundbreaking theory of relativity! The awe-inducing riffs of Jimi Hendrix! The inarguably epic legacy of Oprah Winfrey! – and yet, we still can't manufacture a left-handed pair of scissors that actually cuts things, or a mechanical pencil that doesn't smudge, or a bicycle with the gears on the correct side of the handlebars. The world was not meant for lefties, but today, on International Left-Handers Day, we applaud the ingenious ways this oft-marginalized population has shone in the face of adversity. Here are five times when lefties gave you serious life goals. Stick around for the bonus at the end!

1. When this caddy golfed upside down – and got a hole in one.

If you're a left-handed golfer, you know it's often difficult to find left-handed clubs that meet your needs. So this caddy, Drew Hinesley, decided to take matters into his own (left) hand at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. He turned his club upside down, did his little wiggly warm-up dance, gave it a whack, and ... wait for it ... "Duuuude! That's gotta go on YouTube!" Would Tiger Woods be jealous? We're not sure. But the pros he caddies for certainly should be!

2. When this orchestra performed an entire concerto left-handed.

There really is a song written specifically for left-handed people, and in 2013, the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra of Israel performed it. "Concerto for the Left Hand" was composed by Maurice Ravel circa 1930, and the (unconfirmed) back story is that it was commissioned by Austrian pianist Paul Wittgenstein, who lost his right arm during World War I. Notice how in this video, highly regarded Israeli pianist Ishay Shaer never lifts his right hand off of his knee – and at times it looks like he's playing his knee like a piano. Can't be easy, but Shaer pulled it off.

3. When this fan caught a flying bat with his left hand – and didn't drop his beer.

When you go to a baseball game, you might bring your glove along, hoping to catch a few fly balls. But this fan couldn't have predicted what he was about to catch when he attended this St. Paul Saints game in May. Not only was that an amazing show of reflexes and dexterity, but he probably saved a few lucky spectators' brain cells. Maybe the team should have let him play!

4. When someone compiled every one of lefty Bart Simpson's chalkboard punishments into one video.

The folks at "The Simpsons" knew they had a running gag when they decided to make their central character, Bart, the left-handed, wise-cracking troublemaker who always gets stuck writing the same phrase on the chalkboard 500 times. Because that's the way we all learned not to misbehave, right?

5. When this guy solved a Rubik's Cube in under 30 seconds – using only his left hand.

Is Rubik's Cube solving a sport? Maybe not, but for this guy, it ought to be. The star of this video solved this classic 3D combination game several different ways – but if you stick around to about the 1:30 mark in the video, you'll see his fancy handiwork morph into a seemingly impossible series of finger movements that look like the video's been sped up – but nope! It's just pure genius at work.

Bonus: When this right-hander figured out how hard it was to draw left-handed.

Cyarin, an illustrator from the Netherlands, decided to challenge herself not just by drawing left-handed, but by drawing left-handed and blindfolded. But before she could even get to the blindfolded part, she realized she couldn't even draw a straight line left-handed. Harder than it looks, isn't it, Cyarin? But we're not judging: this woman's illustrations are so stellar, we couldn't care less what appendage she used to create them.


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