The 5 Percent Club is the brainchild of Israeli entrepreneur Eitan Chitayat. The 5 Percent Club is the brainchild of Israeli entrepreneur Eitan Chitayat. The 5 Percent Club is the brainchild of Israeli entrepreneur Eitan Chitayat. (Photo: The 5 Percent Club)

Express yourself: The 5 Percent Club inspires you to share life

Website solicits personal stories from readers willing to celebrate their true selves.

When Eitan Chitayat came up with the idea for his website, The 5 Percent Club, with a former colleague, he wanted it to reflect his own open and upbeat outlook on life. For Chitayat, this meant creating a forum where people could share personal stories without fear of judgment.

"The idea was: Why don't we talk about the things that are really important to us. Why don't we approach normal people and ask them to write about their five percent," the Israeli entrepreneur told From The Grapevine. "What can you share that was meaningful to you and can help another person?"

Eitan Eitan Chitayat's own open and honest approach to life is reflected in the 5 Percent Club (Photo: Eitan Chitayat)

Chitayat, who lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, but got a master's degree in communication from Emerson College in Boston, came up with the 5 percent quotient with his former colleague via their shared experiences in an organization they both belong to.

"The notion of digging deep is called the 'five percent.' So we decided to use that. It's small enough but it's big enough. If 95% of your life is on autopilot – work, kids, all that stuff – what's that thing you really want to say? What's that thing you really want to express for whatever reason?"

Chitayat solicited contributions from various acquaintances and the site launched in the middle of last year. The goal is to publish one article per week.

The output so far has seen a diverse set of personalities from around the world who share poignant and moving pieces. One woman from Boston wrote about keeping perspective. A New Yorker involved in the tech scene shared his story of struggle at a startup.

5The 5 Percent Club provides a platform to people of various backgrounds. (Photo: The 5 Percent Club)

Chitayat said the feedback has been tremendous and his outreach quickly pivoted to people reaching out to him in the hopes of becoming a part of the conversation. He eventually hopes to attract a mix of personalities, from unknowns to high-profile figures looking for a platform to share their own struggles.

"It would be great for someone like Richard Branson to write a post, but then, we're not looking for him to write about business," Chitayat said. "People who are not known at all, but reached out because they wanted to write something, have gotten some of the most powerful responses."

And hopefully such strong responses will lead to change within everyone who comes to the site, Chitayat said.

"It's true that 95 percent of your life is stuff you have to do. But wouldn't it be great if you followed that five percent and listened to that five percent and made it your 100 percent?"


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