Collage of museums Collage of museums Clockwise, from top left: The Israel Museum, Madatech, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Design Museum Holon, and the Holon Children's Museum.

These 5 museums will take your senses on a thrill ride

Israel has the most museums per capita in the world. Here's a sneak peek.

As the country with the most museums per capita in the world, Israel is home to a host of diverse museums with engaging exhibits.  Here is a breakdown of five of the most charming, unique museums in the country: 

The Israel MuseumThe Israel Museum in Jerusalem. (Photo: Borya Galperin/Shutterstock)

The Israel Museum

City: Jerusalem | Genre: History | Must see: Dead Sea Scrolls

Israel’s national museum features archeology and fine arts as well as manuscripts and artifacts from Israel’s history. The museum boasts a collection of almost 500,000 objects, inside and out. One notable feature of the museum is the domed Shrine of the Book, home to ancient manuscripts including the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Tel Aviv Museum of ArtPhoto: israeltourism/Flickr

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

City: Tel Aviv | Genre: Art | Must see: Picasso, Van Gogh, Jackson Pollock, Lichtenstein mural

One of Israel’s leading art institutions, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art displays local and international works from as early as the 16th century, showing media ranging from paintings to photographs. It also boasts a comprehensive collection of Israeli art from past and present. In addition to its permanent collections, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art also features several rotating exhibitions that highlight artists in great detail.

Madatech MuseumPhoto: Gil Eilam/Flickr


City: Haifa | Genre: Technology | Must see: ANY of the multi-sense 3D movies

This whimsical science and technology museum targets children and the young-at-heart, with more than 600 hands-on exhibits and several exciting multi-sense 3D movies with scent, air bursts and water effects - and even moving seats that have built-in ticklers. It's not your typical point-and-look museum, with games, puzzles and optical illusions listed among its many interactive features.

Design Museum in HolonPhoto: israeltourism/Flickr

Design Museum Holon

City: Holon | Genre: Design  | Must see: Stunning architecture of the building itself

A leading museum in design, its iconic structure was designed by renowned Israeli architect Ron Arad. The museum aims to make design interesting to people of all ages, and has contributed to the city's expanding focus on arts, culture and education. The current exhibition features contemporary crafting, initiating a broader dialogue about artisanal design in modern society.

Holon Children's MuseumThe Holon Children's Museum has whimsical buildings as well as an outdoor courtyard. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Israeli Children’s Museum

City: Holon | Genre: Children | Must see: “Dialogue in the Dark” tour – experience what it is like to be blind

Ranked the No. 1 attraction in Holon by TripAdvisor, this interactive museum encourages kids to use their imagination and engage with the exhibits. Unconventional and unique, the museum elevates the learning experience from a mere walk-through to an exciting, fun experience for kids – from a forest adventure with Yanshul the owl-cat to an emotional journey with blind guides and lots of unforgettable activities in between.


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These 5 museums will take your senses on a thrill ride
These Israeli museums are five of the most charming and unique that the country has to offer. Preview the best of Israel's diverse, educational destinations.