WestJet's 2013 holiday commercial has been viewed more than 44 million times. WestJet's 2013 holiday commercial has been viewed more than 44 million times. WestJet's 2013 holiday commercial has been viewed more than 44 million times. (Photo: YouTube)

5 feel-good commercials to warm your heart this holiday season

Just try not to smile. Just try.

Everybody's getting into the holiday spirit. After all, holidays are just awesome. If you need a winter pick-me-up, or even just another reason to smile, take a look at these cute holiday commercials to renew your spirit.

Far away, yet so very close

There's something especially heartwarming about the grandparents in this commercial for Viber, a messaging app founded by Israeli entrepreneurs. These older folks totally would not have been able to talk to people far away when they were kids. Go modernity, right?

High-flying surprise

Would this not be the best plane ride ever? Seriously, this flight, brought to us by Canadian airline WestJet, beats getting bumped up to first class and having your flight come in an hour early. The sweetest moment by far was the woman who got a flight home for the holidays (though I would not have wanted to be the guy who simply asked for socks and underwear).

Actually, it might even be more fun to be those people racing to get gifts for passengers. It's like the most extreme shopping spree your childhood heart could imagine. And there's something refreshing about a blue Santa.

Time-traveling duet

Aaaaand let the crying commence! This intergenerational duet that manages to cut across long distances and time was produced by American tech giant Apple last year. This video has the ability to melt many icy hearts, and it's also a pretty crafty holiday gift idea.

Bow ties and batteries


Had to throw this in so we wouldn't all look like we've been chopping onions. There's something about Weird Al Yankovic's giant eyes and Willy Wonka demeanor that makes it easy to feel maniacally upbeat in this commercial for the iconic American Radio Shack chain. After all, across the world, everybody loves getting gifts.

Home for the holidays

And finally, a classic: This coffee commercial was made in 1986 by Folgers. What it lacks in subtle product placement, it makes up for in relatability: who hasn't wanted a faraway loved one to make a surprise visit over the holidays? Good thing that WestJet passenger got to live out this commercial for real.


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