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11 things your food delivery person is secretly thinking

You'll never guess what happens between your favorite restaurant and your door.

As the weather turns chilly, there's nothing like getting a warm meal delivered to your door, rather than braving the cold to get your snack on. Luckily, we live in a golden age of food delivery. Apps like Seamless, a New York City-based service, and Tapingo, which was founded in Israel and is used throughout college campuses in the U.S., are making it easier to order and track food deliveries.

We talked to a New York City food delivery guy who has transported meals on bike for Seamless, Uber, Postmates and local restaurants. He filled us in on some secrets he'd never tell customers to their faces.

Sometimes I have to do triage on a delivery

Surgeons using the Renaissance application and robot for spinal surgerySurgeons use robots. I use napkins. (Photo: Mazor Robotics)

Cooks don't always do a great job of packaging your delivery. Now and then, your meal will get broken up by the time I get to your place, and the food's just everywhere. So I put it back together and make it look presentable. Then I give it to you and run.

Sometimes I work 3-4 jobs at once

busyThink college finals, except using your legs instead of your brains. (Photo: Ollyy/Shutterstock)

There are always slow delivery days, so it makes sense for me to work for more than one food delivery company at a time. Every once in a while, I'll get orders from all of them at once. I'm usually pretty good at coordinating them all. Usually.

If you order from Seamless and Grubhub, your tips didn't go to me until a month ago

tip jarMaking sure people notice when you tip is an art in itself, as George Costanza knows. (Photo: vinnstock/Shutterstock)

You thought you were tipping me, but your tip actually went straight to Seamless until they changed their policy last month.

People give me better tips when it's raining, but not when it's snowing

snow storm jerusalem photoThis rare Mediterranean snowstorm is nothing compared to a regular winter day in New York. (Photo: zeevveez/Flickr)

It's strange ... you empathize with me when I show up wet at your door, but you don't really notice when I've spent the last half hour biking through a foot of snow. Maybe because snowflakes make me look so magical?

It's usually not my fault that I'm late

alarm clock lateIf only winding back the clock winded back actual time. (Photo: Voyagerix/Shutterstock)

Some days are just too busy to get orders to you on time (rainy Saturday nights, for instance).

But if it is my fault, I blame the restaurant or say I got a flat tire

flat tireA biker's worst nightmare. Other than absent-minded drivers and stuff. (Photo: saap585/Shutterstock)

I forget an order occasionally or, sometimes, if I'm worried about cars hitting me, I'll take it slow. It's not worth risking my life for somebody's turkey sandwich.

I use secret entrances

secret entranceIt's like the wardrobe from Narnia. Minus the magic, plus some hot sauce. (Photo: Your Design/Shutterstock)

Some apartment buildings have secret back entrances for delivery people. They often include old-timey elevators, complete with elevator operators.

I almost get killed several times a day

bikeEven in bike-friendly cities, it takes a brave person to ride downtown. (Photo: Michal Bednarek/Shutterstock)

I ride a bike through a city notorious for dangerous driving, and I get in risky situations all the time. Sometimes, a mother will push her stroller out in front of me while there's a car coming from the other direction. I'll have to make a last-minute choice and either make a daredevil move or slam on the brakes.

I sometimes take naps between deliveries in the restaurant basement

Sleeping puppy, seen in summertime Northern Greece.Dogs aren't the only ones who enjoy midday naps. (Photo: Fotogenix/Shutterstock)

My boss knows about it. I think.

If you're nice to me, I'll hook you up

sweet potato friesFree fries taste better. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

Work can get monotonous sometimes, so it's great when a customer breaks up the day by writing something nice or weird or interesting in the comments sections when they order online, and I'll throw in a free bag of chips as a thank you.

Someone once asked me to draw them one of the characters from the "Goonies," so I drew Sloth on the bag. It was a pretty good drawing, too.

Many people who order online are pretty antisocial

peep holeI can see you seeing me. (Photo: Stefano Cavoretto/Shutterstock)

It makes sense. People who don't want to spend 30 seconds on a phone to place an order aren't always into talking to strangers.

Often, I'll get to their doors, and they won't even look at me. I'll say, "Hey!" and they'll be like, "Eh!" and just reach for the food like a zombie grabbing brains, then scuttle back into their apartment in their pajamas.


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11 things your food delivery person is secretly thinking
You'll never guess what happens between your favorite restaurant and your door.