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stuffed apricotsIsraeli KitchenPhoto: Jerry James Stone

Stuffed apricots

Make your next party one for the ages with this adorable appetizer.

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black foods collage

How black food is lighting up the culinary world

When food takes a dark turn, it can really benefit your diet.

Gaggan's Meatlicious Burger Steak

8 signature dishes from award-winning chefs you have to try

From the world's best hummus to potatoes disguised as rocks, these dishes deserve a taste in your kitchen.

black ice cream and 3 different ice cream shops in Israel, NYC and Los Angeles.

What's all the fuss about black ice cream?

This blackened dessert trend is rippling across the world, and we want answers.

half Impossible burger

Move over, beef: New plant-based proteins are healthy and tasty

There's no shortage of products that deliver protein from sources other than meat. Which ones are best for you?

Clockwise from top right: Michael Solomonov, the "Purple Rain" donut with edible glitter, savory rugelach with caramelized onions and fried cauliflower with herbed labneh.

My dinner with America's best chef

At the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Solomonov dishes on glittery donuts, breakdancing and Martha Stewart.

table setting for one

Party of 1: Our best single-serving recipes for any time of day

You're enjoying your solitude. Why not enjoy a good meal, too?

tacos for cinco de mayo

The only taco recipe list you'll ever need

Good news: Today is Cinco de Mayo. More good news: It's also Friday. So eat up!

waffle iron with eggs and milk

7 things you can make in a waffle maker that aren’t exactly waffles

Time to dust off that old wedding gift and put it to good use on your favorite meals.

A cappuccino with a smile

Coffee shop's unusual deal: Be polite, get a discount

A café is offering a 25 percent discount off a cup of coffee if you say 'please' and 'thank you.'

Michael Solomonov, executive chef of Zahav restaurant in Philadelphia and author of "Zahav" cookbook, is behind the Rooster Soup Co., a nonprofit restaurant that donates 100% of restaurant proceeds to charities that help impoverished Philadelphians.

Mediterranean cuisine wins big at the James Beard Awards

Find out why Zachary Engel and Michael Solomonov received 2 of the highest honors of the food world.

Lavender chai latte from Paper or Plastik in Los Angeles.

Welcome to one of the oddest coffeehouses in America

LA's Paper or Plastik is also a dance studio, and a comedy club, a bar, and a laptop-free zone.

A falafel sandwich at Falafel Devorah.

This is where America’s hottest street food comes from

We went to a little town along the Mediterranean to see it for ourselves.


The chocolatiest chocolate recipes that we love

Is there such a thing as too much chocolate? We haven't reached that threshold yet.

Coachella's got everything: life-changing musical performances, wonderfully weird style and incredible food.

The best part of Coachella isn't the music – it's the food

We're drooling over the selection of festival fare at the world-famous SoCal festival.

Sous La Vie bags are vacuum-packed for cooking food in a washing machine.

A student invented a way to cook dinner in your washing machine

This idea goes where no steam-bag meal has gone before.