soda machine soda machine The rise of the personal soda machine has given consumers more choice than ever before in making carbonated drinks at home. (Photo: sutsaiy /Shutterstock)

Why making soda at home is easier than ever

Home carbonation machines are evolving in both technology and product to give consumers more bubbly power at home.

If you feel like going a day without a carbonated beverage is akin to a world without color, you're going to love the new advances coming down the pipe from the world's leading home carbonation companies.

SodaStream, with headquarters in Israel, recently announced a partnership with U.S.-based PepsiCo to sell Pepsi and Sierra Mist pods for its machines online and in about 50 Bed Bath & Beyond stores in the United States. The little pods, available in four-packs, each contain a concentrated formula that can make about a half-liter of soda. The news comes ahead of Vermont-based Keurig's new "Kold" machine that will offer specialty pods from Coca-Cola and brands like 7UP, A&W, Canada Dry, Dr. Pepper and many more.

Need more convincing before taking the plunge? Below are a few more benefits to picking up one of these nifty soda machines. If you're anything like us, you'll likely quickly make them a permanent member of your home appliance team.

1. Environmental and cost savings

sodaBy making your own soda at home, you'll cut out the giant carbon footprint associated with the bottled water industry. (Photo: Africa Studio/Shutterstock)

No matter how you spin it, soda is essentially carbonated water with flavors and sugars added. By using your home water supply with a SodaStream, Keurig or any other brand, you're eliminating the massive carbon footprint that goes into each soda bottle purchased from the store. Carbonation tanks, which provide the vital fizz in a soda machine, are easily exchangeable at most retail stores and reduce the amount of landfill waste. If you're a big daily drinker, or have family members who enjoy a carbonated beverage every day, the cost savings over picking up soda from the store (fuel, per item price, etc.) are also quickly realized with a home soda machine.

2. Convenience

soda machinesThrowing a party? Soda machines make adding carbonation to your guests' favorite drinks a piece of cake. (Photo: Kamil Macniak/Shutterstock)

Soda machines take the guesswork out of buying too much or too little from the store, always ensuring you'll have enough to meet demand, but rarely excess that ends up down the drain. Throwing an impromptu party? Fire up the soda machine for those who would rather not imbibe on beer or wine. Want to mix up some wild new carbonated flavors or just experiment with adding some bubbles to juice or some other beverage? Go ahead and get creative.

This is especially true for SodaStream, which was a pioneer in modern home-carbonation. As SodaStream's Chief Innovation and Design Officer Yaron Kopel recently told GeekTime, their products are designed to work off inspiration. “We come with a lot of benefits like sustainability and cost savings, but it’s a real do-it-yourself type of product," he said.

3. Technology

SodaStream MixSodaStream's MIX will feature a digital touchscreen, app connectivity and dishwasher-safe components. (Photo: SodaStream)

Both SodaStream and Keurig are set to release new advanced models of their classic machines to make the home carbonation process easier than ever. The MIX from SodaStream will feature a digital touchscreen for recipes (including cocktails), a smartphone-connected app (for easily ordering new CO2 cartridges), dishwasher safe components and a more advanced carbonation process.

The model from Keurig called the Kold will automatically chill beverages down to 39° F in 60 seconds and, in a big step forward for the industry, will not require a CO2 canister. Instead, each syrup pod placed in the Kold will contain "carbonation beads" to automagically bubble your drink. The Keurig Kold is expected to launch later this fall, with the MIX following sometime in 2016.

Whichever you choose, just stay away from the homemade sparkling wine, OK? Just ask the kid in this video:


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Why making soda at home is easier than ever
Home carbonation machines are evolving in both technology and product to give consumers more bubbly power at home.