black ice cream and 3 different ice cream shops in Israel, NYC and Los Angeles. black ice cream and 3 different ice cream shops in Israel, NYC and Los Angeles. Current mood: Hungry goth. (Photo: Buza, Morgenstern's and Little Damange)

What's all the fuss about black ice cream?

This blackened dessert trend is rippling across the world, and we want answers.

The black ice cream frenzy has officially gone global, just in time for the onslaught of what's predicted to be a very hot, very steamy summer in many parts of the U.S.

But what is this dark-as-your-soul confection being touted in scoop shops from India to Indiana, and why does it even exist?

It actually makes perfect sense to us, if you think about it in the context of unicorn frappes and rainbow bagels. Last summer, a shop called Morgenstern's in New York City decided to take a universally sunny treat and turn it black. They made it with the ashes of a coconut shell, so while it tastes like coconut ice cream, it looks like the tar used to patch potholes – with sprinkles, if you so choose.

The quest for the blackest of black ice creams has become a rite of passage of late, both for its makers and their customers. At Little Damage in Los Angeles, you can feel right at home in your spiked collar and Doc Martens with their black soft serve, complete with matching jet-black cone.

And now, shops around the world – including India, England, Russia and two in Israel – are ensuring us we never have to grow out of our goth phase. Buza, a cozy shop in northern Israel, makes its black ice cream taste like peanut butter but uses zinc to achieve that signature charcoal color.

At Iceberg in Tel Aviv, the black flavor is made with coconut, keeping with the original recipe at Morgenstern's. It's an international chain, so many locations have already started stocking the flavor. But some have already run out due to high demand.

So if you're willing to wait in line to get your hands on this ominous confection, we applaud you. Hey, at least you don't have to reapply your Urban Decay Vice lipstick when you're finished eating.


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What's all the fuss about black ice cream?
People are traveling the world to try the blackest of black ice cream. But what is it exactly?