A collage of the most popular recipes of 2017 A collage of the most popular recipes of 2017 These are the most popular recipes of 2017, according to Google traffic. (Photo: Shutterstock, Miriam Kresh, Sarah F. Berkowitz)

We loved these Israeli Kitchen recipes this year – and you did, too

A look back at our most clever, creative and crowd-pleasing recipes you kept coming back to this year.

In this time of giving, receiving, celebrating and reflecting, it's important to remember that sometimes, the best things come in small packages.

Tiny ones, to be exact. A simple combination of bite-size "tiny" potatoes and a pungent, aromatic garlic butter was the recipe that won the hearts of Israeli Kitchen's devotees this year. In fact, it was the most-visited of our recipes of the entire year.

tiny potatoes with garlic butter Our most popular recipe of 2017: tiny potatoes with garlic butter. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

So let's hear it for small potatoes (click here for that recipe), and these other eight recipes that had our readers enraptured this year.

The world's creamiest oatmeal

Creamy oatmealCreamy oatmeal (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

Warm and creamy really hits the spot this time of year. Perhaps that's why this recipe was the second-most-visited of 2017. We think it might be time for a return visit, don't you?

Get our recipe here.

Schug (Mediterranean hot sauce)

red schugIf you like hot sauce, this is the spread for you. (Photo: kostrez/Shutterstock)

Sit down at any legit, hard-scrabble hummus joint, and order your plate of hummus, tahini and a hard-boiled egg, with or without beans. Chances are you'll get this on the side: schug, a fiery sauce originating in Yemen that really heats up a meal. And our readers clearly love a little heat.

Get our recipe here.


halvah Making halvah at home is easier than you think. (Photo: Miriam Kresh)

Halvah is having a moment. This sweet, fudge-like treat is made with ground sesame seeds, and when it's sold in bakeries or dessert shops, it usually comes in several flavors: chocolate, pistachio, coffee bean, poppy seed and more. But clearly a large portion of you weren't content just going out and buying this stuff. No, you wanted to learn how to make it at home! So we delivered.

Get our recipe here.

Instant Pot London broil

Pot roast with tomatoes, herbs and a portion of browned braised beef in a terracotta casserole dish simmered in a rich gravy or sauce This is the London broil recipe you'll keep for years and pass to the next generation. (Photo: stockcreations / Shutterstock)

Of all the kitchen gadgets we really took a shine to this year, the Instant Pot leads the pack. This appliance really does it all – including whipping up this juicy, steamy London broil. It's tender, flavorful and done in less than an hour. Take that, slow cooker!

Get our recipe here.



When your food channel's name is Israeli Kitchen, there's one thing you take very, very seriously, and that's falafel. For our take on the popular street food, we aimed for a crispy, light exterior and a warm, cozy filling in each falafel ball. And we showed you precisely how it's done, in the video above.

You can also read our full recipe here.

Malabi (Israeli milk pudding)

MalabiMalabi (Photo: Christian Jung/Shutterstock)

One of Israel's best-kept snack secrets is malabi, a milk-based pudding. You might liken it to rice or tapioca pudding. Our recipe provides not one, but two ways to make this treat, both yielding a creamy, smooth texture and just-sweet-enough flavor.

Get our recipe here.

Hummus, 8 ways

beet hummus Beet hummus adds a splash of color and a unique flavor to the average Mediterranean spread. (Photo: Elena M. Tarasova / Shutterstock)

In its purest form, hummus is smooth, creamy dipping bliss. We don't deny that the typical chickpea-tahini-garlic-olive oil combination is as close as it gets to perfection – but why stop there? With or without chickpeas, baked or raw, these delicious recipes dare to call themselves "hummus," and we're not standing in their way.

Get all 8 recipes here. For our video on how to make original hummus, click here.

Chocolate peanut butter kitchen s'mores

chocolate peanut butter kitchen s'mores Delicious gooey s'mores, no campfire needed. (Photo: Sarah F. Berkowitz)

There's something really comforting about a campfire-style dessert without the campfire, don't you agree? Clearly you do. Turns out many of you preferred to savor this gooey, chocolatey, nutty hot treat from the comfort of your kitchen rather than among the outdoorsmen of the world. We salute you!

Get our recipe here.


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We loved these Israeli Kitchen recipes this year – and you did, too
A look back at our most clever, creative and crowd-pleasing recipes you kept coming back to this year.