Grapes Grapes BioHarvest's all-natural powders replicate the health benefits of red grapes in its Vinia powder supplement. (Photo: LiliGraphie/Shutterstock)

How one company is revolutionizing the food-supplement market

BioHarvest's 'game-changing' technology produces a red grape powder that may be as healthy as red wine.

Taking food supplements can be a risky proposition given the additives and other genetically modified ingredients used to make them. But one company has innovated the production process and is turning out powders so healthy, they nearly replicate what they are meant to replace.

Bioharvest is a company based in Israel that grows its ingredients on a biofarm using innovative hydroponic agricultural technology (growing plants and vegetables in water filled with nutrient solutions).

This technology, much of which BioHarvest has kept under wraps, mirrors nature to create fruit powders, which are as close an approximation to real fruits and vegetables as is currently possible to produce.

Lettuce growing through hydroponic agricultural technology which BioHarvest has innovated to make all-natural supplement powders.This lettuce is being grown using hydroponic agricultural technology. (Photo: poramesstock/Shutterstock)

The hydroponic process, done without genetic engineering, means the powder retains the plants’ phytochemicals (chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants) in their natural state and provides the consumer large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables without those pesky calories, sugars or pesticides typical of agricultural production.

“One of BioHarvest's important goals was to provide the consumer with a natural product, free of any additives or flow agents which are commonly used in the powder food industry," Ilana Belzer, chief operation officer of BioHarvest, explained.

The company's first available product is VINIA™ red grape powder that offers the benefits of red wine, but without sugars, calories or alcohol. The powder can be mixed in with water or added to anything from smoothies, yogurt or cupcakes without overpowering the other flavors.

Each serving (400 milligrams) delivers 40 milligrams of polyphenols, micronutrients that have been shown to have health benefits. An individual would need to eat 1,000 grapes or drink an entire bottle of wine to get just the 5 milligrams of resveratrol present in the powder.

You would need to eat 1,000 grapes to get the same amount of resveratrol that's in one serving of VINIA™.You would need to eat 1,000 grapes to get the same amount of resveratrol that's in one serving of VINIA™. (Photo: Vinia)

In an effort to deter any possible doubts about its benefits, Bioharvest put VINIA™ through 10 years of rigorous scientific tests before taking it to market to be certain of its credentials. A number of significant pre-clinical and clinical trial studies uphold its claims to support heart health, promote healthy blood circulation and aid antioxidant activity.

VINIA™ can be easily procured on the company's website and through Amazon. There's definitely no binge drinking or grape-eating needed.


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How one company is revolutionizing the food-supplement market
BioHarvest in Israel is revolutionizing the food-supplement market with Vinia, a red grape powder healthier than red wine.