Bamba is a peanut puff snack made by the Osem company in Israel. Bamba is a peanut puff snack made by the Osem company in Israel. Bamba is a peanut puff snack made by the Osem company. (Photo: David Orcea / Shutterstock)

Top 10 reasons Bamba should be your new favorite snack

This slightly sweet, slightly salty snack is beloved by many, and we're here to tell you why.

From a distance, they look like skinny tater tots. But give one a try, and you'll discover this is no ordinary bite-size snack. It's Bamba, a peanut butter corn puff from the food label Osem that is available worldwide. Here are 10 reasons we love Bamba (pronounced BAHM-bah) – and we think you will, too.

1. It’s sold in cute, handy single-serving bags to avoid overeating.

bamba snacksBamba is the perfect snack for when you're craving something light and sweet, but not too sweet. (Photo: Amazon)

2. It used to be made with cheese when Osem first launched the product in 1964 in Israel. But in 1966, the company (now owned by Nestlé) decided to replace the cheese flavor with peanut butter. It's currently made with almost 50% peanut butter.

3. They even make these things with fillings: halvah, nougat, hazelnut and strawberry. And some say the strawberry-filled ones taste like Captain Crunch Crunchberries cereal!

4. And speaking of hazelnut: Dip Bamba in Nutella, and you’ve got the ultimate chocolate-peanut-butter combination that’s way fewer calories than dipping Oreos into real peanut butter.

Bamba and NutellaDipping Bamba in Nutella is a great way to get your chocolate-peanut-butter fix without undoing your diet. (Photo: Jaime Bender)

5. Bamba, which is hugely popular in Israel, makes up 25% of the country's snack-food market. In the U.S., you can order three different size bags of Bamba on Amazon, and it's also available at Walmart and many grocery stores.

6. You can make other food with it. There's a recipe for chicken breading that calls for Bamba mixed with bread crumbs. If there ever was a way to make chicken nuggets even more kid-friendly, this would have to be it.

7. Bamba is made with only four ingredients: peanuts, corn, palm oil and salt. And it's free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors.

8. Kids in Israel start eating it as young as infancy, and guess what: the country has one of the lowest rates of peanut allergies in the world.

9. There's actually a place in Holon, Israel, called The Bamba House where you can take a tour of the kitchen and see how Bamba is made. There's also a 3D movie at the visitors center. And we're pretty sure you'll have plenty of snacks there.

The Bamba Baby greets passersby from the Nestle factory and the nearby Bamba House in Holon, Israel.The Bamba Baby greets passersby from the Nestlé factory and the nearby Bamba House in Holon, Israel. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

10. Last but certainly not least, it has its own mascot: The Bamba Baby, a sporty, redheaded cartoon character who looks a little like Jimmy Neutron and sports a 100-watt, one-toothed smile. He's been known to engage in a handful of activities, including skateboarding, soccer, basketball and martial arts. There are two giant sculptures of Bamba Baby in Israel: one is in front of the Nestlé building, the other sits on the roof of the aforementioned Bamba House. We're not sure who's holding up that very loose-fitting diaper. Tony the Tiger, maybe?


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