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These fresh new restaurants might just replace 'the usual'

Inhale the coffee aroma, taste the hummus and share a scrumptious chocolate pizza. (Hungry yet?)

Tired of your everyday corner-shop latte and muffin? Looking for a fresh new place for lunch? Some of Israel's top cuisine has made its way across the ocean, with coffee bars and hummus joints taking up roots across the United States. So if you're ready to shake up your culinary routine, check out these delicious Israeli alternatives to the usual spots.

If you like Starbucks, you'll love Aroma

Starbucks vs Aroma Left photo: Ambernectar13/Flickr; Right photo: Anne/Flickr

Starbucks is a daily necessity for many of us. But what if in addition to your cup of joe, you could sit and eat a freshly made, affordable and delicious lunch? If that speaks to you, then give Aroma Espresso Bar a chance.

With locations in New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Florida, this Israeli food and coffee bar chain is becoming a daily must.

If you like Chipotle Mexican Grill, you'll love Hummus Place

Chipotle vs Hummus PlaceLeft photo: Michael Saechang/Flickr; Right photo: Alpha/Flickr

Chipotle at lunch is a treat for the tastebuds, but the line out the door isn’t always worth enduring. So why not go Mediterranean with Israeli chef and owner Ori Apple's secret falafel and hummus recipe that includes chickpeas and tahini imported from Israel? With locations in the Manhattan and Brooklyn area, Hummus Place lets you enjoy an authentic, healthy meal for under $10.

The famous Shakshuka, not only a blast to say, also may be your new favorite burrito alternative.

And just wait until you taste the falafel balls.

If you like Godiva Chocolate, you'll love Max Brenner

Godiva vs Max BrennerLeft photo: Christina Valencia/Flickr; Right photo: Alpha/Flickr

Already ate dinner, but still in the mood for pizza? Try the chocolate pizza from Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar on for size. Max Brenner's journey to transform the chocolate experience began 18 years ago in Israel and continues to expand worldwide, with U.S. locations including New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., and Paramus, N.J., and another New Jersey location opening this spring in Garden State Plaza’s new Fashion District. A chocoholic’s dream, it is a full meal experience with selections that include chocolate pasta and chocolate martinis along with the decadent dessert pizza.

At this point, your stomach is surely telling you it is hungry and ready to spice up your usual culinary routine. (And be sure to tell us about it in the comments section below!)

About the Author: hannah_aromaHannah Katz, a student at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel, is a former Starbucks addict who is currently hooked on Aroma diet iced coffee.


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These fresh new restaurants might just replace 'the usual'
These Israeli restaurants that have taken root in the United States might just replace your usual spots for coffee, lunch and dessert.