waffle iron with eggs and milk waffle iron with eggs and milk Put that appliance to good use, for once. (Photo: nuclear_lily / Shutterstock)

7 things you can make in a waffle maker that aren’t exactly waffles

Time to dust off that old wedding gift and put it to good use on your favorite meals.

When you put something in a waffle maker and cook it, the result is pretty standard: it looks like a waffle. Those square-shaped grooves are evidence that it's been pressed to perfection, and whatever you've cooked into it inevitably conforms.

To that end, it would seem that such an appliance would be pretty restrictive.

But we're here to flatten that notion, with our craftiest ideas for foods that are made better, faster, easier and more delicious in a waffle maker.

Waffle cinnamon rolls

cinnamon roll wafflesIf you thought the only thing you could cook in a waffle maker were straight-up waffles, you were wrong. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Is there anything better than fresh hot cinnamon rolls right out of the oven? Probably not. But unless you have a big crowd, it is hard to enjoy a pan of rolls in their prime. That's why Israeli Kitchen contributor and vegetarian blogger Jerry James Stone loves this hack: you can spread out the cooking stage to make sure you're serving (and eating) the rolls fresh and hot. Get our recipe

Waffle grilled cheese sandwich

waffle grilled cheese sandwichWaffle your grilled cheese. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of the easiest things to make, which is why so many grown-ups like you (admit it!) are still eating them on a regular basis. But the waffle iron way is about to be your new way to make them. There's no pesky flipping, and it cuts cooking time with all that direct heat. Get our recipe.

Falafel waffle


There are two main approaches to the waffled falafel: as a way to more efficiently create a sandwich, and as an actual waffle that acts as a base for all manner of delicious toppings. Of course, the basic ingredients are the same: chickpeas, eggs, a few Mediterranean seasonings. In the above video, a food processor and a waffle iron can turn everyday falafel into a masterpiece of your own creation.

Waffle chocolate chip cookies

waffle iron chocolate chip cookiesThis is a fun, simple hack for your waffle iron. (Photo: Jerry James Stone)

While they are hardly as attractive as chocolate chip cookies baked in the oven, these waffle chocolate chip cookies cook faster, are extra gooey and can be made to order. They're also perfect for small-batch cooking. Get our recipe.

Waffle hash browns

You can use shredded potatoes or even frozen tater tots to make hash browns in a waffle iron.You can use shredded potatoes or even frozen tater tots to make hash browns in a waffle iron. (Photo: Stacina/Flickr)

Breakfast potatoes come in all shapes, sizes, varieties, colors, nooks and crannies. But no matter what potato product you've got on hand, you can put it all in a waffle iron, whip up some hash browns and call it breakfast. If you don't have whole potatoes, perhaps you do have tater tots in your freezer? Cooking Light has a great waffle hash browns recipe.

Waffle strawberry shortcake

waffle iron strawberry shortcakeUse a waffle iron to make your favorite dessert. (Photo: Annie Howden/Flickr)

Rockit Bar & Grill, the Chicago eatery that birthed this fabulous breakfast-dessert mashup, must've known that the world needs more reasons to wake up in the morning. They're so proud of their recipe that they shared it recently with the TODAY show, and we're sharing it with you.

Waffle omelette


This is a great hack for when you're low on kitchen space, or all your pots and pans are dirty. Simply dress your omelette the way you normally would, add the eggs and let the iron do its magic. No tricky flipping required!


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7 things you can make in a waffle maker that aren’t exactly waffles
These waffle iron hacks will give you some great reasons to use this versatile appliance.