An EatWith meal around San Francisco host Rebecca's table. An EatWith meal around San Francisco host Rebecca's table. An EatWith gathering hosted by San Francisco resident Rebecca. (Photo: EatWith)

Website helps international travelers find home-cooked meals

EatWith connects tourists with local host families for a memorable dining experience.

Dining out while traveling abroad can be exciting way to try new foods, but it can also be isolating. EatWith, a website created by Israeli entrepreneur Guy Michlin, connects hungry travelers with families willing to welcome them in for an authentic home-cooked meal.

"In all my years of traveling, connecting with the locals has always made my experiences more meaningful," said Michlin in a statement on the EatWith site. "I enjoy tours, museums, tourist sites and eating at great restaurants. But as a tourist, it's easy to feel disconnected, like you're walking in a bubble. The best way to break the bubble and enrich your connection to a place is to interact with real people in their own private spaces."

The website pairs adventurous travelers with home cooks in 30 different countries for a modest (by restaurant standards) cost. Not only do they get to eat, drink and be merry with their host families, they also get to feel the warmth and comfort that comes with eating in someone's home rather than a busy restaurant setting. The website works in multiple languages and support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"We (Michlin and EatWith co-founder Shemer Schwartz) imagined a website where users could discover amazing hosts around the world, delicious homemade cuisine, and recount their stories of unforgettable experiences," said Michlin. "If you're as passionate as we are about meeting new people, eating amazing homemade dishes and doing something a little different, then we would love to extend you a warm welcome to join our growing community!"

Our only question is, "What time is dinner?"

Tel Aviv EatWith host Atalya holds fresh-basked Challah bread.Tel Aviv EatWith host Atalya holds fresh-baked bread. (Photo: EatWith)

Here are two videos that share the EatWith experience:


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