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7-layer shawarma dip

Video: 7-layer shawarma dip

Mediterranean and Tex-Mex flavors merge in this tasty appetizer, with vegetarian flair.

spaghetti squash casserole with roasted mushrooms

Spaghetti squash and roasted mushroom casserole

Another winning Meatless Monday dinner idea – with an amazing vegetable carb substitute as the base.

creamy penne pasta with pumpkin mushroom sauce

Creamy pumpkin mushroom penne

Comfort food gets a new flavor with pumpkin and a creamy mushroom garlic sauce.

farro stuffed beets

Farro stuffed beets

These adorable beet bowls are packed with nutty al dente farro, apricots, feta and fresh herbs.

cauliflower steaks

Smoky cauliflower steaks with horseradish sauce

Eats like a meal! Cauliflower is boiled, sliced, seasoned and roasted to perfection for a perfect meatless dinner entree.

spaghetti squash with julienned peppers

Spaghetti squash with julienned peppers

This easy and wintry spaghetti squash dish is a great substitute for heavy pasta dishes – and just as tasty and so much more nutritious.

holiday rice pilaf

Holiday pilaf with butternut squash

Flavorful seasonal produce makes for a buttery, savory and sweet pilaf that goes with any holiday meal.

caramelized pearl onions with balsamic reduction

Caramelized pearl onions with balsamic reduction

These sweet baby onions will add flavor and flair to any entree.

butternut squash risotto

Easy butternut risotto

Seasonal squash gives this classic Italian side dish a boost.

carrot potato pancakes

Carrot potato pancakes

Crispy, fried potato carrot fritters, also known as latkes or pancakes, are just the dish for warm family dinners on long, cold nights.

celery root soup with roasted garlic and celery leaves

Pureed celery root and potato soup with roasted garlic

A deep, aromatic soup blending celery root and caramelized garlic that’s perfect for cold weather and cozy evenings.

pizza wheels

Veggie pizza wheels

Crusty homemade pizza gets a new look in these bite-sized pizza wheels loaded with garden veggies.

portobello mushroom sliders

Portobello mushroom sliders

A Meatless Monday sandwich idea to get the week started right.

Hummus dip

How to make your own hummus

Watch our video to learn how to make this classic Mediterranean spread at home.

herb smashed potatoes

Herb smashed potatoes

A flavorful side dish that incorporates a Mediterranean spice blend called za'atar.