cherry cheesecake

Vegan cherry cheesecake

All the creamy decadence of classic cheesecake, tailored for the plant-based (or just health-conscious) crowd.

falafel burger

Falafel burgers

Combining an Israeli favorite with an American one yields some pretty great results.

watermelon salsa with cucumber and mint

Watermelon cucumber mint salsa

Sweet, tangy and refreshing, this watermelon salsa is a fresh and easy summer side dish that's great for entertaining.

avocado tomato toast

Avocado tomato toast

It's the best thing to happen to breakfast since toasted bread.

black bean patties

Spicy black bean patties

You’ll be hooked on this spicy black bean appetizer from the first crispy bite.

hummus cucumber toast

Hummus cucumber toast

Toast can be fancy as well as healthy.

citrus quinoa salad

Pomegranate citrus quinoa salad

A refreshing, crunchy salad packed with complete protein, fruits and vegetables for a ‘powerfuel’ lunch.

waffle grilled cheese sandwich

Waffle grilled cheese

Eat like a kid again, and make it even easier with grilled cheese in a waffle iron.

zucchini lasagna without pasta

Wheat-free zucchini lasagna

This amazing lasagna is made without pasta – all the savory goodness, and none of the heaviness.

leek mushroom frittata

Leek and mushroom frittata

Up your Sunday brunch game with this seasonal egg dish.

braised apples and leeks

Braised apples and leeks

Two common foods converge in one unusual and delicious side dish.

pasta with creamy leek sauce

Pasta with creamy leek sauce

This easy spring-tinged dish brings a fresh and light twist to traditional cream sauce.

vegetable medley with cashew sauce

Kale, carrots and lima beans with cashew sauce

A powerhouse vegetable combo with a creamy cashew sauce on the side.

veggie burger tacos

Veggie burger tacos

Here's a clever way to use up leftover veggie burgers when the bun-burger ratio just doesn't add up.

cilantro cauliflower rice

Cilantro cauliflower rice

Turn cauliflower into rice, just like that.