curry roasted veggies

Curry-roasted cauliflower

Curry makes almost everything better. And it works wonders for this cauliflower dish.

broccoli salad

Creamy broccoli salad

This simple salad adds a little sweetness to your meal.

macaroni casserole

Four-cheese macaroni casserole with veggie sausages

It’s time to take mac and cheese to the next level.

apple cider

Homemade spiced apple cider with a kick

Everyone's favorite holiday drink done right.

Pappardelle pasta is the perfect vehicle for your own homemade creamy mushroom sauce.

Creamy mushroom pappardelle

It's the creamiest of pastas, with a cameo from your favorite fungus.

sauteed spinach and tomatoes

Sauteed spinach and tomatoes

Eating veggies doesn't have to be complicated or feel like a chore, and this side dish proves it.

sesame broccoli with cauliflower rice

Sesame broccoli with cauliflower rice

Eating your veggies will never be easier than with this vibrant, wholesome Asian-inspired meal.

vegan meatballs

Easy capellini and (vegan) meatballs

It looks like the meaty, hearty Italian dish of your dreams. It is – except it's vegan.

eggs florentine scramble

Eggs florentine scramble

A light, low-maintenance breakfast that's also a great way to wind down after a big holiday meal.

slow roasted garlic mushrooms

Slow-roasted garlic mushrooms

This simple side dish also tastes delicious atop a burger or salad.

vegan italian wedding soup

Vegan Italian wedding soup

It's winter comfort food in style.

butternut squash soup

Butternut squash soup served in a squash shell

This decadent annual favorite with a twist will warm your autumn.

sauteed greens and beans

Sauteed greens and beans

It's the veggie-packed side dish that could totally pass for an entree.

marbled mashed potatoes

Marbled mashed potatoes

A brilliant combination that adds color and unique flavor to your favorite side dish.

pappardelle with arugula and cherry tomatoes

Pappardelle pasta with arugula and cherry tomatoes

This hearty pasta is just perfect for a light sautee with fresh vegetables.