roasted cauliflower

Za'atar and sumac roasted cauliflower

A whole head of cauliflower is brushed with savory Mediterranean spices and baked to tender perfection.

spinach crudite dip

Spinach and onion crudite dip

This savory spinach dip will make your crudite platter disappear in minutes.

veggie shawarma wrap

Chickpea shawarma hummus wrap

Packed with veggies, chickpeas and spice, this wrap beckons the flavors of the popular meaty street food, but without the meat.

tofu stir fry with vegetables

Ginger orange tofu stir fry

Try this vegetarian spin on your favorite comfort takeout food for meatless Monday or when you’re out of dinner ideas.

Ajo Blanco soup

Ajo Blanco soup

Enjoy a homemade version of this traditional dish served at Meshek Barzilay, a plant-based restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel.

vegan sheet pan dinner

5-minute vegan sheet pan dinner

This is the perfect throw-together dinner if you're plant-based and pressed for time.

vegan creamy potato salad

Vegan creamy potato salad

Easy, wholesome salad with a nutrient-rich dressing that’s perfect for your plant-based guests.

teriyaki vegetables with buckwheat

One-pot teriyaki veggies with buckwheat

This is a meal fit for a (healthy) king, and takes just minutes to cook.

cauliflower pizza crust

Easy cauliflower crust pizza

Bet you never knew making cauliflower crust pizza was this easy!

homemade cashew butter

How to make your own cashew butter

Whip up a batch of creamy homemade cashew butter in minutes, without having to use the packaged stuff.

The rutabaga, also known as a Swede turnip or yellow turnip, is a root vegetable that originated as a cross between cabbage and turnips.

Roasted rutabaga and leeks

A fabulously easy and tasty side dish made with the underrated and underused rutabaga.

baby carrots roasted with spices

Roasted garlic and rosemary baby carrots

This savory side dish can double as a nutritious afternoon snack.

vegan sausage stuffed mushrooms

Vegan sausage stuffed mushrooms

Try a new meatless dinner idea your family will beg you to repeat.

breaded cauliflower

Chipotle breaded and baked cauliflower florets

Bite into flavor, crunch and fun with these tasty and zesty cauliflower florets that make an awesome snack.

green beans tossed in olive tapenade with olives on top

Green beans with olive tapenade

Black and green olives give these green beans some serious Mediterranean flavor.