creamy potato soup

Dairy-free creamy potato and thyme soup

Coconut milk, potatoes and fresh thyme form a savory, hearty soup that’ll fill your stomach and warm your heart.

celery root soup with roasted garlic and celery leaves

Pureed celery root and potato soup with roasted garlic

A deep, aromatic soup blending celery root and caramelized garlic that’s perfect for cold weather and cozy evenings.

easy white bean soup

Easy white bean soup

Cooler weather gives us a hankering for comfort. Achieve it with this simple, hearty soup.

parsnip soup

Creamy parsnip soup

We bet parsnips aren't your go-to ingredient for soup. They should be.

vegan italian wedding soup

Vegan Italian wedding soup

It's winter comfort food in style.

butternut squash soup

Butternut squash soup served in a squash shell

This decadent annual favorite with a twist will warm your autumn.

Pho is a popular Vietnamese soup.

Vegetarian pho with rice noodles

Our vegetarian take on a popular Vietnamese broth loaded with herbs and vegetables.

carrot turmeric soup

Pureed carrot and turmeric root soup

Fresh turmeric and carrots compete for the brightest spot in your bowl with this Mediterranean-flavored creamy carrot soup.

garbanzo white bean soup

White bean and garbanzo soup

The perfect soup for early spring, enhanced with the flavors of the Mediterranean.


Overstuffed sausage and vegetable stew

This hearty, savory stew packs in the flavor with jumbo beans and a garden full of veggies.

butternut squash pear soup

Butternut squash pear soup

A hearty soup that beckons fall but will hit the spot any time of year.

BBQ chicken stew

BBQ chicken stew

The fabulous aroma of this tasty chicken stew will bring everyone home for dinner.

Minestrone soup with Israeli couscous.

Minestrone with Israeli couscous

These pearly white morsels of perfection are more than just Mediterranean pasta. They're soup's greatest companion.

carrot tomato soup

Curried carrot and tomato soup

A veggie-packed soup with a slightly exotic twist.

butternut squash soup

Butternut squash soup

A warm, creamy appetizer thick with the flavors of acorn and butternut squash and a hint of cardamom.